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What to do if your customer reward scheme doesn’t work

What to do if your customer reward scheme doesn’t work

Keeping your customers happy so that they return to your brand is something that every company wants to achieve.

Businesses both large and small use different ways to retain their customers and one of the tools they use is the loyalty program. However, not all reward schemes are successful and finding out why it is important to get those returning customers. Here’s what to do if your customer rewards scheme doesn’t work.

Reduce sign up time

Many potential customers may be turned off when signing up for a customer loyalty program. The fastest sign up usually requires only an email address that most people will be happy with.

However, if you ask too many questions when signing up, customers can click away. The less information you need to become a member of your loyalty scheme, the more opportunities you will have.

Make it easier to win prizes

There are many loyalty schemes out there and each of them offers some kind of reward to their customers. However, if those rewards are difficult to get or take a long time, it can easily turn off customers.

Think about how long it takes to get rewards in your loyalty scheme and whether rewards are worth the effort. You will see more engagement when you get the right proportions.

Consider mobile loyalty apps

Mobile loyalty apps are becoming more popular because they are so easy to set up and use for customers.

Most of the data comes from the mobile phone to complete the app sign-up process so customers do not need to fill out long forms.

Another advantage of these apps is the data they can collect for you. It will tell you what your customers are seeing in the app, how many offers they are using and can also give you a shopping pattern if you link to your online store.

This is why many large retail companies now use this type of app.

Spread the word

Does your loyalty scheme get enough exposure to your customer base? This may be due to the fact that many of your customers do not know about it.

If your company has an online presence on social media, try promoting it there and offer a reward when people sign up.

You can try paid advertising for a short period of time until more people know about this scheme.

Before you take this route, check your loyalty scheme to see if it is something that people will sign up for and use frequently otherwise it can be a waste of money.


So, if your customer rewards scheme doesn’t work – don’t panic! Use this as an opportunity to innovate and adapt to make your scheme more attractive.

Loyalty schemes are still a valuable part of the retail experience. People like to make a bargain and it is better if they can do it while shopping for the things they like. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

How can artificial intelligence education be decentralized?

How can artificial intelligence education be decentralized?

The current artificial intelligence market is largely controlled by global technology giants, such as Microsoft, Google, Tesla and Meta.

If this continues, we will see exclusive dominance in the AI ​​field in the long run. As a result, it will lead to a lack of transparency in unfair pricing and we will probably have no say in how things work.

This is where decentralized artificial intelligence comes into play. Decentralized artificial intelligence refers to a model that enables the dissociation of data processing without the difficulty of sharing overall knowledge. In other words, it allows you to process data independently. As a result, you can create better, unique results and solutions that were not previously possible with a centralized AI system.

If you’re not sure what a centralized AI system is or how it works, you may want to go through Jennifer Quentoh’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tutorial.

That said, let’s take a closer look at decentralized artificial intelligence.

What is decentralized artificial intelligence?

Decentralized artificial intelligence is the separation of learning and intelligence into two different devices and organizations. And then train the machine learning model on locally available data.

This method allows you to combine knowledge from a myriad of local datasets without compromising on actual raw data between devices, locations, and organizations.

Decentral AI is becoming more popular because it provides better privacy and efficiency than centralized artificial intelligence.

If you are not sure where this will be implemented, it will play an important role in hospitals and autonomous vehicles (allowing them to take advantage of knowledge centrally while storing sensitive data on local servers).

The role of blockchain in AI decentralization

Blockchain provides a much-needed basis for the decentralization of artificial intelligence. The first generation of decentralized artificial intelligence apps is taking advantage of smart compacts and DApps to see how the last points of an AI app will interact with each other.

Similarly, digital tokens are still relevant in the decentralized AI world because they offer the process of compensating data scientists for their contributions. They also influence how the model will benefit all parties involved.

The potential for decentralized AI in the real world

As we mentioned above, decentralized AI is very useful and has a lot of applications in the real world. Industry experts predict that over the next ten years, devices and applications that use decentralized AI networks will probably benefit from all the devices that preceded them and are currently connected to the network.

They will be able to collect, convert and take advantage of all the data in the existing system. Also, there will be specific structures that make it easier for people to understand how things work.

Federated learning

Federated learning refers to the learning architecture for artificial intelligence systems that run on distributed topologies, such as smartphones. Launched by Google, Federated Learning is an alternative to centralized AI training, where different device models can contribute to training while protecting device data.

This means that applications can use federated learning to train or optimize AI independently without the need to trust a centralized authority.

Homomorphic encryption

Homomorphism is the process of mapping a mathematical set to another set or creating a result within oneself that confirms that the elements of the first set are mapped to another set.

Homomorphic encryption ensures that these calculations are performed using ciphertext to create an encrypted result. It is considered one of the greatest inventions in the cryptographic industry of the last decade.

Because of homomorphic encryption, decentralized AI users can contribute to training a model in a way that is encrypted by other parties, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.


The future of AI is decentralized AI. Although this is an early stage, businesses that use decentralized AI will soon surpass those that are not. If you think artificial intelligence can be beneficial to your business, it’s time to test decentralized AI.

Still in doubt? Shoot in the comments, and we’ll address all your concerns as soon as possible!

Why you should rent a bike on your next vacation

Why you should rent a bike on your next vacation

Every year, millions of people take the vacation they deserve. Going on vacation is a great way to relax, explore new places and reset your mood so that you are more productive than before and ready to return to work with more focus.

However, most people do not get as much value from their vacation as they can because they continue to work and get distracted despite making emotional decisions or claiming to be on vacation. We can’t help but disconnect you from work, but we can help you get the most out of your vacation with one simple tip: consider renting a bike for your next vacation.

Why is renting a bike so potentially beneficial?

It’s easy

For starters, renting a bike is easy. Historically, all you have to do is go to a local bike shop or rental place and pick up a bike of your choice. But these days, it’s easier. Mobile bike rental stores are becoming more popular, offering bike rentals with free delivery or making rental bikes highly accessible. You do not have to drive to a specific location. Instead, the bikes are immediately made convenient for you. For this reason, there is no reason not to rent one.

It’s a good exercise

Next, biking is a good exercise. When riding a bike, you will be forced to maintain your balance while traveling miles at a time. You will give your lower body a nice workout, you will increase your heart health and lung capacity and you will burn a lot of calories in the process.

Most of us, when on vacation, take the opportunity to indulge ourselves with extra food and drink and ongoing relaxation. But it is important to practice at least some of the negative effects of those lifestyle choices and to feel better about each moment. Riding a bike helps you get some of that exercise without having to set foot in the gym.

It is convenient transportation

Convenient cycling transport. Many people find it more convenient and convenient than other types of transportation, such as renting a car or relying on a bus.

  • Reliability. Cycling is extremely reliable. There is always the risk of getting a flat tire or any other gear failure, but you don’t have to worry about a bike schedule being delayed, or the bike breaking down because the bike is not well maintained. .
  • Movements. Bicycles are more driven than other forms of transportation. During traffic jams, you may be able to weave in and out of different lanes to avoid holdups. In some parts of the world, you may be able to ride a bike both on the road and on the sidewalk. However, you can definitely get closer to your destination then you can take a car – and you will also enjoy plenty of parking space.
  • Flexibility and independence. Biking gives you a lot more flexibility and freedom than other types of transportation. You don’t have to wait for a bus to show up. You do not have to comply with the long rental agreement. Instead, you can travel wherever you like, whenever you like.

It’s cheap

Renting a bike is also extremely cheap, especially when compared to other forms of travel. Depending on the bike you get and where you rent it, you’ll probably pay less than $ 100 per day for rent. Also, most of the time you don’t have to pay for fuel, insurance, parking passes or other ancillary fees.

It gives you other recreational opportunities

Cycling is not just about transportation, of course. Renting a bike on vacation can give you other leisure time while you enjoy yourself, such as:

  • Trail riding. Take your bike on a local trail and see the scenery with a quiet, comfortable ride. This is a good opportunity to get in touch with nature or see some of the important attractions of a given area. You can use it as an excuse to have a small picnic.
  • Bicycling in the mountains. Some people want something rough and more exciting. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider renting a mountain bike and exploring the more challenging terrain.
  • Group ride. If you are more interested in social opportunities, you can use your rented bike to take part in local group rides. Since you all share at least one thing in common, it’s easy to make new connections and possibly make some new friends during your vacation.

Vacation bike rental is not for everyone. Some people are not equipped for comfortable biking. Others are concerned about potential safety issues – which are exacerbated in countries that do not support cycling through infrastructure.

Still, for most people, and for most vacations, renting a bike can be just as much fun and truly relaxing as it gets.

TAT expands tourism cooperation with Sendai City and Tohoku region of Japan

TAT expands tourism cooperation with Sendai City and Tohoku region of Japan

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with Sendai City and Japan’s Tohoku Regional Tourism Agency to continue their cooperation in tourism promotion since 2006.

“The continuation of tourism promotion between Thailand and Japan under this Letter of Intent comes at an opportune time, as Thailand reopens to the world and welcomes travelers returning through the ‘Visit Thailand Year 2022: Amazing New Chapters’ campaign. Japan is a key source market for Thailand, and we are confident that it will continue to do so. “

Mr. Uthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor

A virtual signing ceremony was held yesterday (Tuesday, March 15) between Mr. Uthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor, and Mrs. Kazuko Corey, Mayor of Sendai City, and Mr. Shigeru Matsuki, President of the Tohoku Regional Tourism Agency. The signatories were Mr. Tennessee Petsuwan, TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing – Asia and the South Pacific, and Mr. Chuvit Siriwazzakul, TAT’s East Asia Executive Director.

This is the fourth renewal of the LoI agreement for cooperation in tourism promotion between the three parties. The agreement was first signed in August 2006 between TAT and Sendai City, the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture and the largest city in the Tohoku region. Tohoku Regional Tourism Agency joined the deal in 2012.

This latest renewal of the LoI will cover a five-year period of cooperation in tourism promotion between the three parties until March 2027.

Under the agreement, TAT, Sendai City, and Tohoku regional tourism companies will jointly conduct marketing campaigns with special emphasis on promoting two-way tourism between Japan and Thailand and increasing the number of quality tourists to each destination.

This includes hosting a Thai festival in the city of Sendai and promoting Thailand’s tourism offers to the city’s travel agents, while also highlighting the tourist features of the city of Sendai and the Tohoku region to create greater awareness among expatriate Thais in Thailand. Travelers

The post TAT expands tourism cooperation with Sendai City and Tohoku region of Japan

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Prices rose to record highs, CBI warns

Prices rose to record highs, CBI warns

Since the record began in 1975, the proportion of manufacturers expected to raise prices has reached an all-time high.

A recent monthly industry trends survey from the CBI found that there would be planned price increases over the next three months, indicating a sharp rise in inflationary pressures on UK companies.

The employers’ organization, which received 229 business responses, found an 80 percent net balance, which increased the price of orders booked for the next three months from March compared to 77 percent last month.

The question, which was first asked in January 1975, excludes the number of companies that would lower their prices because they would raise prices from them.

Businesses are also told that output volumes have been growing at a “strong pace” for three months since March. The survey found that manufacturers reported a higher order book this month, a combined record share, with the net balance matching the November record high of 26 percent.

Anna Leach, deputy chief economist at the business group, said: “This survey highlights strong order books and output growth, but also the increasing cost pressures faced by manufacturers due to the conflict in Ukraine.

“The government must use the spring statement to provide relief to both energy-intensive industries and vulnerable consumers. To make a fundamental restoration of UK growth, we need to take significant steps to encourage investment. “

Gabriella Dickens, a senior UK economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said a recent survey by employers’ agencies showed that “demand for manufactured goods has continued to strengthen, although rapid inflation threatens to weaken recovery.”

Brendon Garvey, COO, Global Procurement Group

Brendon Garvey, COO, Global Procurement Group

Business Champion Awards Finalist Brendon Garvey, Chief Operating Officer of Global Procurement Group, talks about the motivation behind the business.

What you currently do in the Global Procurement Group

As COO I focus on working with our team, supporting them to deliver extremely high quality for our customers. Our growth has been driven by sustainable customer acquisitions and customer loyalty. This is because of the quality of advice and support we receive from our people every day. I am responsible for ensuring that these standards are constantly maintained and we go further, always striving to improve them.

What was the inspiration behind your business?

Our business has grown through the will of its founder and CEO, Fakhrul Islam, to give customers something different from other B2B energy companies – a greater understanding of when, where and how their energy is being used, so that they can reduce it and reduce costs. And carbon. I know our CEO for most of his career and I am inspired by that mission – to create a green, clean future for all of us.

Who do you admire?

I have had compliments from many people and colleagues over the years, but if anyone has been different, Severn Trent CEO Liv Garfield. We worked together at BT and I learned a lot from him. She is an inspiring female leader who combines the ability to really listen and support with a direct, honest approach. She is a role model not only for women, but also for young, ambitious leaders in general. What remains a male-dominated culture stands apart through its unwavering belief in its values ​​and its ability to inspire others around it.

Looking back, did you do anything differently?

Many times I looked back at my career and asked myself why I didn’t say anything to express my opinion then. While nothing big can be seen, what I have learned over the years is that we must be courageous and speak respectfully and constructively about our beliefs and values.

What defines the way you do business?

Believing in the power of the people.

The success of a business really depends on its people. I started as the Chief People’s Officer at Global Procurement Group and my role was to get to know the people here, to help them develop. I have worked with our people to deal with them and support their efforts to be good people themselves. As citizens of this planet, we can play a positive role in the environment ourselves (and influencing others).

I’m excited about it because I really see it as a great opportunity to make a positive impact for future generations. The waste of energy really worries me because we still don’t realize its effects. At the moment, businesses everywhere are burning with energy – lights, monitors, heaters, generators and other appliances.

As we see the power crisis continue, as humans we have the power to reduce our energy by adopting technology that helps us see the impact. My way of doing business is to inspire people to make positive changes. There are no excuses and no chance to waste time.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

Listen and ask questions – it will help you grow. Also, always look for feedback and try to use it constructively to improve yourself. You don’t always get things right, just like I didn’t, but you will learn and develop and that’s the right way to success. Good luck!

How to save e-juice? – Best tips for e-juice storage

How to save e-juice? – Best tips for e-juice storage

How to save e-liquid? – Best tips for e-juice storage

E-liquid has a good shelf life, but since it contains organic matter like nicotine, VG (vegetable glycerin), and PG (propylene glycol), it can be bad if not stored properly.

As the e-liquid deteriorates, you may notice a change in taste and smell. Primarily, you will notice a big difference in e-liquid quality. But with proper e-juice storage that we will discuss in this article, it will help you to maintain the maximum potential of your e-liquid.

E-Juice Storage – Is E-Liquid Harmful?

Would you like to know how to save steam juice? If you want to enjoy the highest quality and lifetime potential of your e-liquids, keep them safe from heat, light and wind. Exposure to these three can easily ruin your juices. The following e-juice storage ideas will help you keep your e-liquid fresh.


Heat can break down any juice component. Always store your juice in a cool and dry place, it will ensure the taste and quality longevity of your juice.

Never leave your juice in your car, especially on a sunny day because heat can cook VG and PG molecules which can destroy e-liquid, reducing its strength and quality.

The light

Light can cause e-liquid decay, breaking down organic matter like nicotine. The breakdown of nicotine has been observed since the e-liquid color change. Always store in a cool place, dark place like a cupboard or any confined space with stable temperature.

The wind

Air causes oxidation, and it is not good. During oxidation, organic matter such as VG, PG and nicotine are affected. These effects can be noticed as the taste and texture of e-liquid is different and not as enjoyable as before. Use a vapor juice storage box to store your e-liquid and make sure that the cap of the e-liquid bottle is tightly protected after filling each unit.

How to save vap juice?

You can be sure that your e-liquid is fresh and you can enjoy its taste and aroma just by storing it properly in the liquid storage container.

Short-term vs. long-term e-juice storage

Avoid heat, humidity, light and wind, this is the general rule to keep your e-juice fresh. Short-term vape juice storage is usually less than 2 months, which can be further classified as long-term storage.

For effective vapor juice storage, always choose a cool, dry and dark place, it makes all the difference. It is also helpful to use a plastic container or vapor juice storage box. Finally, store your e-liquid in the basement or in the coolest place in your home. And, don’t forget to remove the access from your e-liquid bottle after using it.

Follow these e-juice storage tips and you will never feel foul-testing e-liquid again.

Many vape enthusiasts prefer to stock up on those rainy days. If you want to store your e-liquid for more than 2 months and up to 6 months, you may need more than a drawer.

Tinted glass e-liquid bottles work great. They are resistant to light and heat. Stained glass bottles are not only cheap but also great value in the long run. You can use these bottles for short term and long term storage.

However, if you want to keep your e-liquid fresh for more than 6 months, the back of your fridge is an effective e-juice storage space. Just make sure the bottles are tightly closed and stored in a vapor juice storage box.

Where to store e-liquid? – Is a fridge or freezer a good idea?

Storing e-liquids in the refrigerator or freezer is a great way to store your e-juice.

The freezing of your e-liquid prevents light and air from coming in contact with the e-juice. And so organic matter like nicotine is preserved. However, this applies to long-term storage. For short-term e-juice storage, a fridge is good. Does vegetable glycerin freeze? Yes, but you need -38 সেল C to freeze vegetable glycerin molecules and -59 সেল C to freeze propylene glycol molecules.

Plastic or glassware? – Which one should you choose for e-liquid?

Glassware is simply effective and exquisite, always looks great on a shelf. While glass containers have advantages, they have some limitations when compared to plastic containers.

Plastic containers are easier and more convenient to carry, especially if you carry your e-juice in your pocket.

Let’s compare both glass and plastic e-liquid bottles and find out which one suits your needs:

  • Safety: It is not surprising that glass bottles can break and cause injury. In comparison, plastic bottles (LDPE and PET) are safer.
  • Reuse: Glass bottles are hard to beat when reused. Glass bottles are easy to clean and ready for reuse. However, the plastic bottle is perforated, so the e-juice sticks to the bottle.
  • Taste: E-juice usually smells better in glass containers than in plastic bottles. However, high quality PET or PP e-liquid bottles will also work well for storing vapor juice, without affecting its taste or aroma.
  • Recycling: Glass containers can be recycled multiple times. However, recycling plastic more than once may not be appropriate because the plastic breaks down during recycling.

If you are looking for wholesale high-quality plastic e-juice bottles, Nexeem manufactures and offers a wide range of such products.

Vap Juice Storage – How to keep your kids and pets safe?

It is important to keep VAP products in a safe place, especially if you have children or pets in your home. You must store your VAP products in a place that is not accessible to children and pets. So e-juice storage is essential, get a vap juice storage box, it is very simple and practical.

You can also use e-liquid bottles with a childproof cap and make sure there is no spillage so your pet can’t lick it.

Finally, dispose of the cartridges properly and avoid steaming where there is food.

A luxurious ski holiday will make you feel like royalty

A luxurious ski holiday will make you feel like royalty

Whether you want to enjoy a day on the slopes or feel the high-octane excitement of snowboarding, a luxurious ski vacation has something for every taste and budget.

These luxurious ski holidays are ideal for couples or small groups that are ultimate in comfort and style. With a wide selection of services and facilities, you are sure to find one that meets your expectations.

Many U.S. resorts receive twice as much snow as European resorts, making luxury ski vacations a popular choice in the United States. Most offer a wide range of luxury ski hotels and convenient condos. This makes it easy to find the right vacation rental for your needs. When you choose the perfect luxury ski resort you will find the best of both worlds. Pampering is also a fun part of your vacation.

After a day on the slopes, you will be treated to the best of luxury accommodation. The free-flowing wine and great company will make you feel pampered after a long day on the slopes. A great way to relax and unwind after a day off on a luxurious ski holiday. If you are looking for a more relaxing holiday, consider a luxury ski resort in the United States.

A luxurious ski vacation can be a great way to relax and enjoy the mountain view. Austrian chalets are very popular with many luxury spas, gourmet meals and a great apress-ski scene. Some even offer an in-house chalet for the ultimate experience.

Choosing the right luxury ski holiday will vary depending on your budget and preferences. If you have a tight budget, an exclusive chalet may be the perfect option. Some luxury ski vacations may even include a spa and a gym. And be sure to consider the location of your vacation. It is not uncommon to find a private villa on a mountainside. If you are looking for something a little more intimate, a luxurious apartment might be the perfect fit.

How to open a locksmith business

How to open a locksmith business

Whether you’re considering a career change, looking for more flexibility, or just starting a professional world, starting a locksmith business can be a great way to get the money you need to pay your bills.

However, before you dive into the locksmith business, you must first master the art of managing it. Avoiding this important step can spell disaster or end your dream of self-employment. The following is a comprehensive list of numerous tips that you can use to start your Locksmith business.

The most important aspect to consider

It’s easy to see why a locksmith business would be attractive. This is one of the best ways to get rid of financial loss and work for others. If you are thinking of starting a business, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Market research is one of the priority things. Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of estimating demand and choosing the position with the best chance of success. You should also research the level of competition in the fields you choose. This will help you decide which products and services to sell You can also predict how the area will develop in the future to ensure the long-term success of your company.

Understanding the structure of the customer is also important when considering the market. This will help you determine the type of locksmith and the most profitable product to stock. For example, if your business is located near an auto garage, you may decide to become an auto locksmith and sell related items. You will almost certainly achieve business excellence in this way.

Requirements to be a locksmith in the United Kingdom

Due to differences in regulations, the requirement to be a locksmith varies according to jurisdiction. In the United Kingdom, the rules differ from the requirements for locksmiths in the United States. The most important difference is that lock manufacturers do not require a specific qualification or license to practice for the United Kingdom authorities. When a person is confident enough to meet the needs of their clients and work as expected, they can start their own business.

However, locksmithing is considered a security-centric occupation in the UK because it is forced to access private premises. Despite not being regulated by the government, locksmiths must pass a Disclosure and Bearing Services (DBS) check.

Training to be a locksmith

Running a business involves more than just staying and managing a cash register. It also includes being aware of what is happening between the company and its customers. A locksmith business is a hands-on endeavor that requires training.

It takes about 3-4 years to become a skilled locksmith. However, one must first complete the basic training program. Some programs can be completed in less than three months, after which you can start trading legally.

It is important to remember that the length of training may vary. Some people take less time than others. Individuals with prior experience in carpentry, mechanics or other handicrafts may take less time to learn skills and enter the business world than their inefficient competitors.

Starting a locksmith business

After completing their training, a lock maker can start their career as an employee. However, it is strongly recommended that they continue their entrepreneurial path by opening a lock-making business as planned.

Starting a business is not always easy, but it is possible. One only has to fill everything that needs to be catered for. Knowing the initial cost is one of them. The most basic is the cost of purchasing locksmith tools such as key cutting machines, lock pins, drills and screwdrivers.

Money is also needed to pay rent on business premises, to purchase initial stock and to brand or advertise a business. A business permit and insurance are additional costs that must be considered at an early stage of the business.

It is also a good idea to find out if a person is willing to sell their locksmith business in a select location. Since start-ups already have a customer base, this can help them grow faster.

What is the average salary of a locksmith?

After training and business establishment, the question of how to make locks arose. Those who want to work as a locksmith can do so for the rest of their lives. The more one works, the more experience one gains and the better one gets in one’s work. Similarly, if the company is well managed, it will grow.

Locksmith’s earnings may vary depending on their level of experience and the size of their business. A newly trained locksmith earns about £ 16,000, an experienced locksmith earns about £ 25,000 and an expert earns about £ 30,000.


There has never been a better time to start a locksmith business. If you want to learn trade, you can take training from a recognized institute or work as an apprentice. Which is important, in both cases, whether you are able to run the business professionally. Using the tips mentioned above can help you in your lock making career journey.

Why disabled passengers still have to contend with harmful myths about accessibility

Why disabled passengers still have to contend with harmful myths about accessibility

The founder of an app that helps people with disabilities gain better access to public transport has spoken out against “harmful myths” that he believes are still prevalent in UK society.

Jay Shen, managing director of Transport, the company behind the Passenger Assistance app, believes more needs to be done to improve public awareness of the accessibility challenges faced by people with disabilities.

The Passenger Assistance app was created to help people with disabilities book assistance for their travels. The app helps provide assistance to thousands of people with disabilities, such as getting ramps on trains and personal assistance at stations, and the research was conducted to explore the invisible barriers to accessibility, including the perception of accessibility.

The team conducted a data study with disabled public transport users as well as multiple focus groups that examined Google search data to learn more about the perception of accessibility for disabled people.

Data research has revealed a number of unusual misconceptions about people with disabilities that Shen is interested in preventing, they include.

‘Could the guide dog be black?’

‘Can people with disabilities vote?’

‘Can people with disabilities drive?’

‘Float the wheelchair’

‘Why are disabled people locked in toilets?’

‘How do people with disabilities drive?’

‘Can disabled people park in the place of parents and baby?’

‘Why are the toilets of the disabled blue?’

The study also uncovered a number of myths that are still commonly believed. For example:

‘People’ registered as disabled ‘

‘Disability is a permanent condition that can be proven’

‘Some toilets only for wheelchairs’

“It’s a damaging myth that people may and may not be ‘registered disabled,'” Shane said.

“It simply came to our notice then. This leads to confusion as well as people with disabilities being mistakenly challenged when using accessible toilets or having radar keys. “

He added: “By analyzing the questions people ask and the topics they research online, you can learn a lot about public perception. Our research suggests that overall, people are interested in understanding the experiences of people with disabilities. But some research terms are deep. Indicates a misunderstanding. “

Accessibility expert and promoter Sarah Renee uses a wheelchair as a regular public transport traveler. He believes that lack of understanding is not necessarily contagious, but it does indicate the need for greater awareness of everyday life and the challenges people with disabilities face.

Sarah says: “When you see people ‘googling’ it raises a smile that whether guide dogs can be black or wheelchairs float, but mistrust in one’s knowledge can lead to serious consequences.

“A blind friend of mine was recently removed from a venue because staff did not believe his black Labrador was a true guide dog. They assumed that only Golden Retrievers were legitimate help dogs. Such abusive and violent incidents have a profound effect on the self-esteem of people with disabilities. “

Sara added: “It’s positive that people are doing their own research. While some people with disabilities may be open to answering questions based on their actual desire to better understand our experiences, it’s important to remember that asking personal questions is not generally appropriate. , Especially to complete strangers. And educating people with disabilities about issues that affect our daily lives is not really for people with disabilities, especially when it comes to our legal rights. It is the job of the employer to ensure that you are trained and understand the law of equality. “

The data analyzed by Transreport shows a combination of disability and wheelchair use. Most people with disabilities do not use wheelchairs and this is one of the biggest sources of friction and superstition for people with hidden disabilities.

Some focus group participants reported that they were challenged to prove their weakness by providing documentation. The most common situations where this happened were when they tried to use accessible facilities or get help at a venue. Others have expressed concern that those with invisible barriers often face abuse and public challenge when using accessible toilets or sitting on priority seats on public transport.

“Educating non-disabled people about issues that affect our daily lives is not really for disabled people, especially when it comes to our legal rights.” – Sarah Renee, Promoter and Accessibility Specialist.