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SoFi Robo-Advisor – 5 Reasons It May Be Right For You

SoFi Robo-Advisor – 5 Reasons It May Be Right For You

SoFi (Social Finance) is an excellent platform for beginners. There is no fee from low, very good returns and a number of benefits for its users. SoFi Robo-Investment is one of the many platforms that offer similar services, so why choose it? How does it compare to a few names with big names like WealthSimple, Betterment and M1 Finance? Find out.

What is SoFi Robo-Advisor?

SoFi is an investment platform that is hands-off and looking for a low cost alternative for beginners or more inexperienced investors. It gives you access to an excellent portfolio mix, career advisors and real-person financial advisors to guide you in the right direction. Low fees are also great for people who don’t have a lot of resources.

SoFi is absolutely new to the robo-investment scenario and does not have a long track record for measuring user performance. With competitors like Betterment and M1 Finance, why choose this newcomer?

Sofa Robo-Investment 5 Reasons For You

Access to financial advisors

SoFi Robo-Advisor lets you contact Certified Financial Planners (CFPs). All clients can enjoy unlimited access to human advisors – for free. Yes, there is no extra charge other than its competitors.

You can rely on neutral feedback and recommendations from CFPs because they are non-commissioned and do not charge a fee for the work they offer.

Users can communicate with financial advisors via phone calls or video chat at different times of the day. Availability builds trust between new users and investors.

Low cost

The low fee for SoFi Robo-investment is one of the primary reasons why it is so popular. 0 There is a minimum or account management fee. Clients can start investing with as little as 5! Some funds may still carry their own standard fees, but ETFs owned by SoFi do not.

Compared to other platforms, SoFi costs you a lot less. The miscellaneous fees associated with using the platform will not exceed 75. These costs include outgoing wire transfer (ACH free), IRA closing fees and paper statements.

Extensive investment portfolio choice

Clients have 10 standard portfolio options to choose from with differences in risk levels and investment goals. Resources available are:

  • Fixed Income ETF
  • Standard ETF
  • Non-proprietary ETFs

These ETFs include US stocks, Treasury bonds, high-yield bonds and international stocks.

Automatic balancing

One drawback of the SoFi Robo-Advisor is that it does not have the right to collect tax-loss, a feature that is very useful and has many competitors. However, it has automatic balancing.

The automatic balancing feature in SoFi rearranges your portfolio to ensure that there is no 5% discount from the target allocation.

Your investment risk and return will always be balanced to meet your goals.

High-rated desktop and mobile interface

Another feature that users are excited about is the interface and user-friendliness. IOS and Android apps are highly rated and easy to navigate, such as desktop sites. The learning curve isn’t too long, and you can’t spend too much time trying to figure out how to use features.

Everything is clearly labeled in the title, and if you have any questions, the FAQ section has all the answers. Sometimes mobile apps don’t have access to all the features offered by desktop sites, but with SoFi Robo-investment, you can do almost everything in the app.

If you have any questions, customer service is ready to help with comprehensive phone support. There’s also a chatbox that can give you some help when you’re off.

Advantages and disadvantages of SoFi Robo-Advisor

Of course, SoFi offers more than just the top 5 reasons why it is a good choice Some other considerations before deciding whether this is the right choice for your portfolio include:


  • Access to CFP for all clients at no extra cost
  • No management fees and minimum account
  • You only need $ 5 to start investing
  • 10 portfolio options
  • Low investment cost ratio
  • ETFs from 13 asset classes
  • Automatic balancing
  • Accessible customer support options
  • Easy to use interface


  • No tax loss crop
  • Very few socially responsible alternatives
  • Quite a new platform

As you can see, the benefits outweigh the risks, but your decision cannot be summed up as a general advantage and disadvantage. For example, if your main focus is tax collection, no matter how many benefits SoFi offers, it won’t be for you because it doesn’t have that feature.

Final takeaway

SoFi is an excellent platform for Robo-Advisers for people with very low cost, helpful knowledge and guidance from career counselors and financial advisors at no extra cost and an experience for investing in a user-friendly platform. Click here to learn more about what SoFi Robo-Advisor can do for you

SoFi Comparison:

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Leicester’s new Buhu factory brings back the rage trade to Britain

Leicester’s new Buhu factory brings back the rage trade to Britain

Boohoo’s boss insists that its new “model factory” will be a profitable production site rather than just a showroom, as Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins and Wallis are being made in the UK again after moving offshore nearly three decades ago.

Buhu opened his first factory in Leicester in January, two years after the online retailer became embroiled in a scandal over mistreatment of workers in the city’s factories. The multimillion-pound site, a former VW garage in Thermaston Lane, is designed to show “best in class” standards, including a training scheme for employees who are paid more than the minimum wage and are entitled to the same vacations and benefits as others. Buhu worker.

John Little, 55, chief executive, said during a visit to the site that Buhur’s newly acquired brands would be made in the factory because it focuses on training workers to create more complex designs in recycled polyester instead of just ordinary jersey clothing. Leicester’s textile mills usually churn.

“This site will have its own profit and loss account, it is rented, it has to be a commercial operation,” Little said. “I remember as a young shopper you would come to Leicester for socks and knitwear, it was a huge textile industry but it was destroyed when everything was moved abroad. This site will show that Leicester has a great future. “

Buhu says the main advantages of UK production are speed, the ability to create items in just two weeks from design and one week on repeated orders. This contrasts with the six-month lead time of the High Street brand with foreign suppliers.

Little says: “We’ve bought some great British retail names in the last two years but the reality is they weren’t made in Britain. We’re going to make them in the UK and 40 per cent of those fabrics are sold internationally in the UK, so we’re going to re-export. “

“I think we’re going to see more companies shift to UK and European production, which we’ve seen in the last two years, and even last week with the Chinese lockdown, the importance of staying close to home increased. Shipping delays have improved since the crisis began, but container prices are still high. “

Boohoo was founded by Carroll Kane and Mahmoud Kamani in 2006 and floated with a 560 million valuation in 2014 when it was selling for £ 110 million. Since acquiring brands including PrettyLittleThing, Debenhams, Coast, Oasis and Warehouse, it has sold only £ 2 billion last year.

Kane told The Times he believes investors have moved away from the company’s Leicester scandal and have been reassured by an independent review of its supply chain overhaul and Sir Brian Levison. “We set an example, and now we are setting an example for British production. Someone had to. “

Little said that while its new rigorous audit process means it has moved from 400 factories to close to 70, it is still producing the same amount of products from Leicester as it is now working with larger factories that were able to do more work, rather than unauthorized subcontracting. Has been done. “We promise British production while others run for the hill,” he added.

The new factory, which employs about 100 people, currently produces 6,000 garments a week, and will reach 20,000 when the second shift begins. In addition to sewing and cutting, it has two high-tech printing machines that can produce 40,000 graphic printed T-shirts per week.

Buhur’s share price fell three-quarters to 86¾p, 2½p or 2.7 percent last year, with a turnover of £ 1.12 billion tonight, after it appeared significantly below that level when 2020 1 billion was removed from the company in July 2020. Some Leicester workers are being paid as low as 3.50 an hour.

Kane said: “I think investors are kicking the tires of all the ecommerce companies, everyone is stuck in it and we keep getting hurt, we get hurt when someone else misses. Also short. [sellers] But now I know it’s a better business than it was two years ago. “

Opportunities and challenges in Vietnam for investors

Opportunities and challenges in Vietnam for investors

Over the years, Vietnam has aimed to reduce its direct ownership in major state-owned companies and promote private ownership. Nevertheless, equity and divestment have not yet taken place as scheduled and have continued to face delays.

According to the Ministry of Finance (MoF), from 2016 to 2020, 180 state-owned enterprises (SOEs) were integrated. However, the list approved by the Prime Minister includes only 39 out of 127 institutions, which have met only 30 percent of the target. In 2021, three SOEs were integrated, but none was on the list approved by the Prime Minister.

Regarding the initial sale of shares, the total sale price was VND22.7 trillion (US $ 987 million), or 23 percent of the plan. For 2016-2020, the MoF said VND177.4 trillion was raised through investments, about 6.5 times the value of the book.

Last year, only three SOEs completed the privatization process, citing the difficult economic environment due to the protracted epidemic. It was estimated that 18 SOEs had during this period removed state capital worth VND4.4 trillion (US $ 192.4 million) for a combined book value of VND1.66 trillion (US $ 72.6 million).

Of the remaining SOEs required for privatization, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City accounted for 54 percent, with 13 in the capital and 38 in the southern centers of the country. Others include six committees overseen by the State Capital Management (CSCM), four under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIT), and two under the Ministry of Construction (MoC).

Most recently, on March 18, the Prime Minister signed a resolution aimed at deepening the restructuring of SOEs in 2021-2025, as well as the goal of completing the restructuring of SOEs by 2025.

Decision No. 360 / QĐ-TTg Improving SOE’s operational efficiency and competitiveness based on technology, innovation, and management capabilities. The move will facilitate further implementation, allocation and utilization of social resources during the development of state capital and resources in enterprises.

By 2025, Vietnam expects to complete the restructuring process of the SOE, which will use a minimum of US $ 10.84 billion.

The state investment process faces a number of challenges but can be an exciting opportunity for foreign investors, especially large banks and corporations.

For example, since large agricultural and forestry corporations are embarking on their investment projects, investors may consider investing in this sector considering Vietnam’s comparative advantage in this industry in terms of market scale and growth, low labor costs and stable political environment.

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This article was first produced by VietnamBriefing which is produced by Dejan Veins & Associates. The company supports foreign investors across Asia from the office Around the worldIncluding China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, IndiaAnd Russia. Readers can write [email protected]

Is Benzinga Pro Cost Worth It?

Is Benzinga Pro Cost Worth It?

There are many investment apps and tools out there to help you make better decisions. You don’t just have to choose one, because you can use the features of different platforms to help your investment. We are adding another one to the list, the Benjinga Pro. Why spend your money on an extra app? Is it worth it, and does the review justify the price? Let’s see.

What is Benjingga Pro?

Simply put, the Benjinga Pro is a stock screener app. It’s very easy to use and has features that help you dissect financial news with functions like activity scanning and charting.

The platform is powered by Benjinga, a news reporter, and gives you real-time updates so you get the information right away. If you want to stay up-to-date with the financial markets, we really recommend complementing your equipment with Benzinga Pro.

Benjinga Pro vs. Competition

Other apps and financial platforms offer similar features to Benzinga Pro, so should you choose this platform?

Benzinga pro price

As far as cost goes, the Benzinga Pro looks quite reasonable, especially when you compare it to the Bloomberg terminal. Let’s take a look at the available price plans and what you get with each.


It’s no wonder that free plans are free! Although it’s free to sign up, free plans usually only give users access to the basics and this is true for Benzinga Pro.

You’ll gain insights about Nasdaq Basic, but quotes will be 15-minute late. You can view it through the BZ Wire Newsfeed, but you will not have access to the filter or search function. Other features of the free plan include:

  • Watchlist
  • Chart
  • Original stock statistics
  • Movers list

Basic $ 27 / month

Then we move on to the Basic Plan, which will cost you $ 27 / month. With all honesty, we still think it’s quite reasonable, especially since you can check out the premium articles on, which have proven to be quite instructive. You can also get:

  • Complete newsfeed
  • Nasdaq Basic (still 15 minutes late)
  • Movers
  • Watchlist alert

Essential 177 / month

The most popular plan offered by Benzinger is The Essential. It gives the everyday user access to the best functions without premium.

  • Offers essential plans:
  • Real-time Nasdaq Basic
  • Advanced newsfeed with search and filtering
  • Real-time scanner
  • Equity and Options (Audio Squawk)
  • Unlockable bonuses and much more

Alternative Mentorship 347 / month

The Option Mentorship Plan is for users who really want to learn and get involved. You will get everything in the Essential Plan plus:

  • Trading mentorship and education from a leading businessman – Nic Chahine
  • Alternate interior circle chat rooms
  • Unusual alternative activity included (this is an add-on for essential planning)
  • Regular market overview

Is it worth the cost of benzinga pro?

Benzinga Pro has achieved high ratings across the board with a minimum of 4 stars. The Apple Store score is 4.6 with a rating of around 1000.

The cost of Benzinga Pro is entirely up to you. If you want to test a sample size of the app, you can choose the free plan. A very affordable basic plan can offer you a little more, but we really recommend going for the necessary plan for the invested traders.

Overall, we definitely think the Benzinga Pro price is worth it. With the right planning, you’ll have access to real-time market updates, a real-time scanner, and an advanced newsfeed to keep your finger on the pulse of all action.

What makes Benjing Pro advantage over competitors is its reporting speed. It breaks down stories faster than the rest, which ensures that you can take action first.

Those who really should go for Benjinga Pro are more active among traders. Trend traders can get some benefits from financial institutions as well.

You may be wondering if the cost of Benjinga Pro is worth it if you are only a short time trader. Suppose you do not have more than 10k to invest, then we do not recommend the necessary planning as mentioned above. The annual cost alone will take a fairly large portion of your capital (remember that the prices we refer to are monthly).

If you don’t have a thick portfolio, we recommend a basic or even free plan just to check things out.

If you have a pretty decent amount of investment, getting the news first hand before anyone else will help you take the right steps. In this case, we must recommend at least the necessary packages.

Final takeaway

Benzinga Pro Trading and Investing can offer something for small fries and big fish in the world – it all depends on the plan you choose. Is it worth informing before dropping rumors, announcements and news? Of course! Benzinga Pro is definitely worth it in our opinion, and you can get started here.

Benjing Comparison:

Benjinga vs. Motley Flower

One in five entrepreneurs is ‘afraid’ of taxes

One in five entrepreneurs is ‘afraid’ of taxes

Micro and small businesses, one in five in the UK, say they ‘fear’ the possibility of paying their taxes, a new study has found.

Entrepreneurs across the UK are preparing for the new fiscal and tax year, with a quarter saying they find their tax-paying experience stressful.

One in four entrepreneurs said that the main motivation for starting their own business is to help reduce their stress levels. Women, young people and new business owners are also more likely to have this ratio, with 28% of women saying they feel more pressured to pay their taxes than 19% of men.

Nearly one-fifth of entrepreneurs who took part in research for MasterCard said that having access to digital tools and consulting support would be helpful in improving their tax payment process, but many noted significant barriers to accessing digital support, including costs. Technology and its implementation; Lack of time to properly explore alternatives; Poor digital literacy; And don’t know which technology was right for their needs.

The results support the Strive UK program – designed to help UK micro and small businesses access the support and tools they need to succeed in the digital economy. Small businesses can learn more about the right tools for them using the Make A plan created by Enterprise Nation as part of Strive UK.

Natasha Jamal, vice president of MasterCard’s MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth, said: “We know it can be difficult to stay on top of your taxes, but for many UK entrepreneurs this is a source of unnecessary stress and concern as to why they are paying taxes. Chose to set up their own business in the first place.

“More needs to be done to help these entrepreneurs navigate these challenges. That’s why we created Strive UK, partnering with like-minded companies to help businesses take full advantage of opportunities in the digital economy and reach their full potential. ”

Emma Jones, founder of CBE Enterprise Nation – a Strive UK grant – said:

“But learning the basic digital skills offered by the Strive UK program can not only accelerate this daunting task in the long run, it can lead to better all-round digital skills that can help businesses increase productivity more broadly. Profitability. “

The barometer gives a snapshot of the small business attitude, including the impact of the epidemic and their confidence for the future. Investigations have shown the full impact of the epidemic on small businesses, with almost half of their turnover reduced due to the effects of COVID-19. However, despite the last two years being challenging, small businesses in the UK remain optimistic as the new financial year enters. More than half of them said they feel positive about the future of their business and 39% plan to increase their turnover to 20% over the next five years.

In terms of digital technology, more than half (53%) of businesses say they now expect digital technology to become more important to their business success in the next five years, with nearly one-third (32%) saying new technology will be critical to future growth.

These results are based on MasterCard’s Striving to Thrive Report 2021, which reveals that the technology brings significant benefits to small businesses, such as saving time, gaining new customers and increasing revenue. Assistance in digital tool access has been cited as the biggest factor in helping businesses achieve their future revenue growth, which is estimated to reach £ 827 billion collectively over the next five years.

Vietnam increases weekly quota of overtime hours to 60 hours

Vietnam increases weekly quota of overtime hours to 60 hours

Vietnam’s National Assembly passed a resolution on March 23 to increase overtime working hours from the current 40 hours to 60 hours per month. However, the total number of overtime jobs cannot exceed 300 hours per year.

The new regulations are published in Resolution 17/2022 / UBTVQH15 (Resolution 17), effective April 1 to December 31, 2022. The development follows a proposal by the Ministry of Labor, Illegal and Social Affairs (MoLISA) to try to recover the economy from overtime caps, insufficient labor at production sites and business and country epidemics.

There are two reasons for this:

Mai Quoc Hung, associate of Dezan Shira & Associates, HR and Payroll, Ho Chi Minh City Office, noted that this is a positive development for employers and employees in the short term, especially in the manufacturing sector, however, if employees are involved, there is a risk of overwork. Is done

Nevertheless, consent from employees is required before employers are allowed to work overtime.

Employers should keep in mind that working overtime does not include:

Traders have complained that labor shortages have increased significantly since the epidemic. Some businesses that had more than 1,000 employees before the epidemic now have about 500 and thus have resorted to temporary solutions to maintain production.

While Resolution 17 will help businesses and employees in the short term, governments and employers need to come up with effective long-term strategies to meet demand. This will take some time, as businesses and employees re-adjust to the post-epidemic recovery and Vietnam’s economy continues to expand.

Incentives must be provided to survive in a competitive business, such as extra food and fuel allowances (as fuel prices have risen sharply), daily stipends, additional benefits such as paid travel, supplementary health insurance, family-centered benefit packages and continuing education. Develop skills among others.

Over the past decade, the annual overtime cap has grown by almost 50 percent to meet demand.

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This article was first produced by VietnamBriefing which is produced by Dejan Veins & Associates. The company supports foreign investors across Asia from the office Around the worldIncluding China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, IndiaAnd Russia. Readers can write [email protected]

Automated Management – Is It Good?

Automated Management – Is It Good?

Best for Bloom 401k:

  • Retirement account management
  • There is no minimum investment
  • Reasonable fees
  • A more hands-off approach

Advantages – Disadvantages


  • Manages your 401k
  • No account minimum
  • Free analysis on your profile
  • Manages most types of retirement plans
  • Professional management with access to advisors


  • More restrictions on IRA plans

Who is Bloom 401 – What is it?

Bloom 401k is a robo-advisor that specializes in retirement plans – even corporate-sponsored ones. Bloom can work seamlessly with what your company is going through and is the only platform that can do it.

Bloom has gradually expanded its reach to include IRA accounts. Once you’ve signed up for your account and filled out the relevant information, you’ll need to log in to your retirement account. Bloom will then conduct a free analysis of your investment profile and advise you.

Free analysis is very helpful because it can help unravel any hidden fees you may have paid and eliminate or at least reduce them. The results of your analysis will consider your age, the age at which you plan to retire, and your risk tolerance to determine the best investment method.

Bloom 401k features

What exactly does Bloom Leisure Management offer?


There is a fee in mind for the service and you will be happy to know that Blooom’s fee is quite affordable compared to some other Robo-Advisory plans. Instead of charging a percentage of your assets annually, Bloom only charges a flat fee. How much it will cost depends on the plan you choose.

You get 3 different plans of your choice – Required, Standard and Unlimited at $ 45, $ 120 and $ 250 respectively.

Naturally, what you get with each plan is different. The Unlimited plan opens access to all Bloom features, including personalized accounts, auto-optimization, and priority advisor access.

The Standard Plan has everything from Unlimited Plans except Priority Advisor Access – regular service only. After all, the Essential Plan is the most basic, giving you only a personalized portfolio.

Available accounts

Blooom 401k supports a variety of accounts. There are 401k, 403b, 457, 401a and TSP in terms of employer-sponsored accounts.

For IRAs, Bloom’s available IRA accounts include traditional, ROTH, SIMPLE, SEP, spousal, and non-deductible IRAs.

Financial advisor

Bloom is a robo-advisory platform that gives specific clients access to real-person financial advisors. There’s no denying the benefits of being a robo-advisor, but getting advice from a real person will give you a level of interaction with an AI.

You will not get access to advisors with the Essential Plan, but you will get access with the Standard and Unlimited plans. However, you will only get priority services with unlimited plans.


Don’t worry, Bloom has no direct control over your retirement account. The power is still with a parent. Bloom is merely loyal and has a duty to put your interests first.

Automated rebalancing

One of the most reliable ways to offset market volatility is redistribution. The automatic balancing feature will monitor your investments so that you stay focused.

What’s great about Bloom is that they take an active approach. The platform will review your account every 95 days to make sure such changes are needed.

Customer support

If Bloom 401k has an error, we must say it is customer support. Why? Because Bloom doesn’t support phones. Compared to other platforms, many of which have 24/7 customer service over the phone, it really sheds light on the platform’s accessibility.

Even without phone support, Bloom still offers efficient email and live chat options during their business hours, from 9am to 4pm Central Time Monday to Friday. Hopefully, Bloom will integrate phone services in the future


As one of the only services offering 401k management, Bloom’s reviews are very favorable. If you do not have the time or knowledge to manage your own leisure account, then Bloom is for you. It is compatible with many types of accounts and may allow you to take a hands-off approach. Learn more about Bloom here.

We do not recommend Bloom if you have less than 20K in your account because the annual management fee (depending on the plan) may not work for you.

Alika Bank has pledged দেওয়ার 1 billion in lending by 2022

Alika Bank has pledged দেওয়ার 1 billion in lending by 2022

Alika Bank – the UK-based Fintech Challenger Bank dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized businesses – is pledging to offer £ 1 billion in loans by 2022.

This doubles Alika’s target of £ 500 million in 2021 – the bank finally offers more than £ 540 million in UK SMEs.

The new commitment comes at a time of rapid growth when banks have become a major force in providing British business services, providing the funds, technology and skills needed for SMEs at a crucial time.

In addition to its ambitious loan promises, and following the response from its broker community, Alika recently announced that it has doubled its maximum client exposure to asset financing to 1 million. The bank released it after breaking its monthly asset finance transaction record for three consecutive months from January to March. The change will allow customers to access additional resources to help them achieve their goals.

The bank also revealed that it has raised its maximum commercial mortgage customer exposure for care home customers to £ 10 million, in a strong showing for the sector. This increase will help experienced operators who want to grow, as well as a demonstrable experience with first-time buyers.

Richard Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Alika Bank, commented: “Alika exists to support UK-based small and medium-sized businesses, which have long been missing from the banking sector. So we are very proud that the strong performance of our bank has enabled these companies to offer £ 1 billion in loans by 2022. This is a significant milestone in Alika’s journey towards becoming the preferred lender for British businesses. “

Nick Baker, Chief Commercial Officer, Alika Bank, commented: “We are proud to hear from our broker community and to take direct action as a result. We have heard that both SME care home operators and brokers are looking for a lender who can support not only the first acquisition but also the next one. We hope that by increasing our exposure to 10 million, we will be able to help many more operators strengthen and scale their business.

“Our asset finance proposal has been on the rise since its launch in 2021. By doubling the maximum customer exposure of our highest asset finance to 1 million, we will be able to support more SMEs in financing their ambitions as they seek to return. From the epidemic. Alika will be able to play a major role in supporting the business towards their sustainability and net-free goals.

“Allica Bank is in a very good position to help brokers and the UK-based SME community strengthen and scale their business. In 2022, we will continue to develop our products and services as we continue our mission to redesign relationship banking for SMEs. “

TAT demonstrates the digital transformation of Thai tourism

TAT demonstrates the digital transformation of Thai tourism

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Global Tourism Forum (GTF) has introduced two innovative approaches to digital tourism in line with the core strategies of the Visit Thailand Year 2022: Amazing New Chapters. It was held yesterday (March 26).

Mr. Nithi Tsipre, TAT Deputy Governor for Digitalization, Research and Development, highlighted Thailand’s readiness for digital tourism in Session 5 of GTF 2022, a bridge to smart tourism in blockchain technology.

Mrs. Sumaira Isaacs, CEO of the World Tourism Forum Institute, and Mrs. Angela Gereco, President of the Greek National Tourism Organization; , As the moderator of the session.

TAT showcases digital transformation of Thai tourism at Global Tourism Forum 2022

Mr Nithi said that as the world emerges from the Kovid-19 epidemic, TAT has launched the ‘Visit Thailand Year 2022: Amazing New Chapters’ tourism campaign to make Thai tourism stronger and more sustainable, more responsible, more digital, and revitalize and transform Thai tourism. Can be done. More inclusive tourism growth in response to the growing trend under the new norm.

“Every crisis has its opportunities. The coronavirus epidemic has hit Thai tourism hard, but it has also brought about an unprecedented digital transformation that now plays a key role in accelerating the country’s tourism ecosystem in quality and sustainability. As such, TAT is embracing our strategy of ‘smart tourism’ aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of Thai tourism, promoting Thailand as a remote worker-friendly destination among technologically savvy travelers and digital migrants.

Mr. Nithi Tsipre, TAT Deputy Governor for Digitization, Research and Development

TAT’s innovation approach to digital tourism is based on 3 key themes.

First, the TAT emphasizes sharing knowledge on domestic Thai tourists and building confidence in Thailand’s readiness for digital tourism. A ‘Durian Farm Virtual Tour’ platform has recently been launched so that tourists can visit a farm in the virtual world and purchase real fruits from them. Similar projects are underway to create personalized experiences and pave the way for the use of cryptocurrencies in the Metavers virtual world. In addition, TAT is looking at using a non-fungible token (NFT) to promote Thai tourism through products ranging from local knowledge products to the digital industry; For example, painting, graphics, video and music.

Second, still focusing on creating more awareness about Thai digital tourism among domestic Thai tourists, TAT has launched a “Thailand Holidays” project at, which offers special tourism packages, opportunities from top to bottom in the tourism business. Offers facilities and tour promotions. This is the first time in Thailand that a digital token can be used for travel products and services in a country that can be purchased using a digital token.

Third, TAT is promoting Thailand as a remote labor-friendly destination, emphasizing a new generation of international travelers, including Digital Native, General Z and Digital Nomad. This is in response to a growing trend in the light of the coronavirus epidemic where people work from a distance and enjoy vacations. This group of travelers is moving towards cryptocurrency payments, and among the several projects underway, a TAT NFT will be launched to raise international awareness of local Thai art and crafts.

About GTF 2022

The Global Tourism Forum (GTF), the premier flagship of the World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI), is an international collaboration platform focused on addressing the challenges of the travel industry. Through this event, WTFI aims to be at the forefront of this revolution by introducing new alternatives to the new generation of travelers and the blockchain revolution with new opportunities at every opportunity. A number of high-profile speakers and influential people from both ecosystems will attend the event, including Mr. Franসois Hollande, former President of France, Mr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Forum Institute, and former Secretary-General of the UNWTO. , And Mr. Michael Gebert, Chairman of the European Blockchain Association. For more information, visit:

The post appeared first on the TAT newsroom, showing the digital transformation of Thai tourism at the TAT Global Tourism Forum 2022.

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