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Stock trading has never been more popular in the United States. Trading volume has reached 10 billion per day. Consistently, it is clear that we have entered a golden age for stocks. The introduction of no-fee trading platforms, such as M1 Finance and SoFi, has brought more retail investors into the market.

Yet most of these traders will eventually lose money. Lack of research and knowledge is responsible for inexperienced traders. Technology is the answer to finding the best stock for shopping and running a business at the right time.

Stock Screeners is a game-changer, and here are some of the best stock screeners currently available.

Good stock scanners need to be quick to consider the latest strategies in the market. It is just as important to know which stock to buy in the perfect market.

Our Trade Ideas review focuses on the fact that the platform is one of the best options for short and medium term trading.

Take advantage of free stock picking services, investor chat rooms and even penny stock scans. The interface is fully integrated for automated trading so you can leave your portfolio in autopilot.

Trade Ideas uses artificial intelligence to automatically scan your selected market sector for new opportunities. It shows real-time results and shows that it can consistently beat the market.

Trade Ideas has reason to be one of the fastest growing stock screeners in the United States


  • AI functionality for better results
  • Automated trading features
  • Customizable scanner
  • Limited basic research data
  • High fees

Benzinga Pro brings a full-service solution to the table, combining the best of a powerful stock screener and the most advanced newsfeed tool in the business.

Create your own workspace and set deep screener settings. Our review on Benzinga Pro focuses extensively on its keyword filters. For example, you can set filters like “FDA Approval” or “Stock Split” as your filters.

It only takes a few mouse clicks to set up these filters automatically Let Benzinga Pro run and wait for any warning so you can work.

In addition, merchants can enjoy integrated charging, pre-determined stock scans and even a squawk box. You now have your stock screener and news platform in an easily accessible place.


  • Combined stock screener and news platform
  • Squawk box
  • Customizable newsfeed for basic analysis
  • Squawk box is not 24/7
  • Only equity is included

TrendSpider is probably the smartest trading software in the world to automate your in-depth technical analysis. The platform’s market scanner prioritizes creating dynamic watchlists based on technical data.

Find your trading setup with flexible scans. Use one of the 20 built-in scans or create your own. While not as fast as scanning trade ideas, one minute charts are enough for most traders.

One great feature you won’t find with other stock screeners is the multi-timeframe analysis, which lets you combine multiple timeframes into a single chart.

Some charting features are unique to Trendspider, such as the Ichimoku Cloud, the MACD Cross and the Blue Raindrop Scanner.


  • AI-driven algorithm
  • Free education at Trendspider University
  • Continuous improvement
  • Slow loading chart
  • It is difficult to view multiple charts at once

Atom Finance analyzes the market at low cost and turns it into a no-cost market analysis. After raising $ 10 million in Series A funds and welcoming 100,000 people as part of its public beta, Atom is an alternative to the Bloomberg terminal.

As noted in our Atom Finance review, this is an institutional-strength analysis with a retail product usability. It has managed to flatten the trading floor by giving retail investors access to that deep insight.

Get instant financial modeling with compliant projects. Link your investment portfolio to get a comprehensive overview of your holdings, including P&L and diversity statistics.

Use the X-ray function to get news, filings, transcripts and market analysis from reputable investors across the industry. You can also collaborate with your fellow investors, completely free of charge.

While there is a premium membership level for more hardcore analysis, most investors will get everything they need from the free version.


  • Institutional-grade market information.
  • Attached investment account
  • Freemium model
  • Institutional access fees
  • No customer support
The concept of trade

Tradingview is a flexible low and cost free screening platform for a wide range of securities. While this may seem overwhelming to new traders, the TradingView platform allows you to screen both stocks and ETFs without having to sign up for an account.

Choose from 150 filters, including technical and basic, to sort through the stock with extreme precision. Easily switch between different stocks and ETFs to compare and contrast their most needed statistics.

The inclusion of Tradingview defeats competition in the range of international stocks and funds. Unlike other stock screeners, TradingView is not US-centric.

You can even go into cryptocurrency and forex trading. Compare securities using a simplified rating system for securities, ranging from “strong sell” to “strong buy”.

Investors can combine company-level data with some broad economic indicators to help keep everything in context.

The only downside is that if you want to use real-time indicators and charting, you need to sign up for a subscription. About its high-level scanning features, sign up and take advantage of access to everyone except the most profound functionality.


  • Basic charting with free account
  • Desktop and mobile compatibility
  • Covering a wide range of resources
  • Limited brokerage support
  • Expensive premium level


These are the top five best stock screeners on the market today Investors who are committed to detailed research will always get an advantage over random pickers. Of course, not everyone knows everything about a company. The information you need depends on your overall investment strategy.

Think about what you need from your stock scanner and choose accordingly. With so many free and low cost options available to investors today, there is no excuse for not having the latest market data.

What is your favorite stock screener?

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