A third UK worker works remotely with technical issues

A new study has found that one-third of UK office workers have problems with their workplace technology, which can take an average of more than three days to replace.

When 8 out of 10 people in the UK agree that flexible work is what it means for an IT department already struggling to stay here? Simply put, this means that IT departments need to be smart about how they support their workforce – and fast.

The findings are part of an independent research report entitled ‘Variable Behavior of a Flexible Workforce in 2022 and beyond’, commissioned by smart locker provider Velocity Smart Technology. The study explores how offices will change in 2022 and how business leaders can support the future of IT support.

Despite apparent pressure from the IT department over the past two years, 4 out of 10 UK workers actually say that their support from the IT department has improved.

Anthony Lamorex, CEO of Velocity Smart Technology, said, “Reducing employee downtime due to IT failures was a constant challenge when most employees were office based, now it has become an almost impossible problem as more than 100 employees can be deployed. , Sometimes 1000 miles. “

On average, it takes just over three days to get replacement hardware from an IT department, which often requires face-to-face interaction with IT consultants to access new or replacement hardware. More than half of UK workers (52%) report that they have to collect it from the IT department themselves, or have a member of the IT support team deliver it.

This unnecessary interaction is extremely frustrating for the IT support team who are working as delivery men and women and is fatally detrimental to overall productivity.

Lamoureux continues, “Many times, replacing laptops, tables and phones can be pre-configured and set up online, so why are expensive, on-demand IT resources forced to act as postal services? It’s not just employees wasting time; It’s a hugely inefficient IT support model – especially when proven alternatives are fast and preferred. “

In a 2020 survey by Velocity Smart, 19% of employees confirmed that they would prefer to collect hardware from a smart locker – and for good reason.

“Smart lockers are not just a logical extension of the trend of self-service access to IT services, but companies need to adapt more to support an increased workforce, while working flexibly to stay here.”

“Employees can access the new kit in 45 minutes – instead of three days – reducing downtime and productivity impact. There is a significant saving of time for support staff. It is more efficient on all fronts – only 1% of UK companies still offer this option. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ” Lamoureux Conclusion.

In a recent survey, three-quarters of UK employees were positive about the idea of ​​using smart lockers to replace IT equipment. Adopting this approach not only gives employees 24/7 access to IT tools but also helps IT support to meet the challenges of supporting a flexible, hybrid workforce.

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