Alitam CEO Faisal Nahabu reports 24% organic growth in group pharmacy sales

Faisal Nahabu, founder and CEO of Alitam, has revealed that its pioneer 100-Plus Store Pharmacy Group has increased its organic ‘like-for-like’ turnover by 24% in just two years of operation as new clinical service offers have swelled.

Alitam, the leading 100-plus store pharmacy group, has increased its turnover by almost a quarter in just two years, it was revealed today.

Faisal Nahabu, founder and CEO of Alitam, says the organic like-for-like turnover of consolidation has increased by 24 percent since its inception in late 2019.

Nahabur’s revolutionary M&A car, the Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM), is credited with the rapid increase in efficiency achieved across the group.

The extra profits generated have allowed stores to headhunt highly skilled staff to enhance clinical services and at the same time invest in patient education – as well as better service-providing communities as the number of positions increases.

Ultimate’s rapid growth comes as a bit of a surprise to insiders in the financial and accountancy industries, who have already seen Nahabu’s business potential and profitable transformation with hundreds of businesses over the past 20 years.

He is widely regarded as an expert in helping equity managers launch new services within their client bases as well as helping businesses maximize profits by reducing P&L costs.

Using OMMM, Nahaboo has created Xeinadin, a leading accountancy firm – which has a comprehensive integration of more than 100 independent accountancy firms – ostensibly ‘overnight’.

He devised various marketing and financial strategies to rapidly increase the profits of Xeinadin subsidiaries.

After creating a world-record consolidation and consolidation process of 122 accountancy practices spanning just 256 working days, Xeinadin equity partners have received significant pay-outs in private equity investments due to Nahabu’s initial work to build Xeinadin into a highly profitable company.

After Nahaboo’s initial leadership as founder from May 2018 to December 2020, many are now showing record profit margins, reaching three times the value of the business appraisal industry.

Xeinadin was built around Nahabu’s visionary multi-service platform, providing a full range of clients’ accountancy, financial, legal and HR support. Reducing the burden on NHS services such as GPs and hospitals.

All of this has been underpinned by the entrepreneur’s fine business strategy to capture his vision within a large-platform business with over 100 subsidiaries.

Nahabu says: “Business strategies for profit growth are in my blood. There were seven main reasons for the increase in ultimatum pharmacy sales.

“In early 2020, I sat down with the chief pharmacy equity director of each subsidiary, explaining how they could be more cost-effective by addressing their P&L issues more effectively.

“These additional profits allow stores to headhunt highly skilled and qualified staff to enhance the Clinical Offer Installer, which means serving communities more fully, while increasing sales.

“Now you can go to an Allium pharmacy and get specialist medical help on a wide range of offers for travel vaccinations, seasonal vaccinations and diabetes tests for sore throats, sprained ankles and minor wounds.

“Ultimate Pharmacies can further expand their remittances by utilizing the experience and knowledge of their Ultim colleagues who already specialize in store-specific services – such as smoking cessation clinics, male and female health check-ups, weight loss, travel clinics, hair loss and more. .

“Meanwhile, pharmacies have begun approving and recommending patient-friendly Allium pharmacies so that we can capitalize on the specialties offered within the group. For patients, of course, that meant they had a source of help, whatever.

“The key is to educate patients about the amount of clinical help a pharmacist can provide to local clients. This was achieved through digital marketing, in-store marketing and local PR activities.

“The start of the ultimatum coincided with the first wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, and naturally the footfall increased, as other high street businesses were forced to close.

“But Alitam Pharmacies run training programs with their staff to help their teams build stronger relationships with customers – making them aware of the many more clinical services available such as weight management, blood pressure testing, ear irrigation, minor illness clinics and hospitals.” And GPs had stopped managing their epidemic crisis.

“Patients were also trained to actively take care of their health and, hopefully, to empower staff to avoid growing problems.

“We have installed digital screens in stores and in front windows of stores to display details of existing, and brand new, available health services. We have also created robust patient databases, which means we can effectively target patients with an appropriate healthcare offer.

“Ultimate Pharmacy Equity Directors have focused on optimizing customer flow through the store and ensuring that their team of pharmacists is utilized most effectively.

“Sales have also increased due to the optimal use of counseling rooms, where clinical services supporting cold and flu or sports injury clinics can continue to operate on a daily basis.”

Just last week, Alitam announced a new partnership with PharmaDoctor, an industry expert in providing equipment and resources for Insto Medical Clinical Services, which will bring in walk-in, GP-type clinical services to stores.

These services will initially be tested in a number of Allium stores before launching nationwide, enabling patients to receive emergency medical care without having to wait for a GP or hospital appointment.

Nahabu adds: “After getting used to this new method, many ultimatum pharmacies are keen to further expand their offerings.

“Last week I announced our strategic partnership with PharmaDoctor, which would enable a comprehensive roll-out of the aforementioned GP-style services across the Ultimate Store and lift a huge burden from primary care services.

“We have three more partners to name soon, who provide Ultima Pharmacy with digital equipment, resources, knowledge and training to provide additional medical services.”

With many ultimatum pharmacies launching new medical services, it looks like Nahabur will soon achieve a forecast of at least 10 percent annual biological growth for the next two years.

On top of this organic growth, its recently announced five-year pharmacy acquisition program for Alitam predicts 50 percent acquisition growth for one year and another 33 percent acquisition growth for the second year.

Alitam plans to acquire more than 50 pharmacy stores a year for the next five years, and Nahabu predicts that 50 percent of all its acquisition targets will offer a comprehensive medical services program in their stores, further boosting organic growth.

He has already begun negotiations for the acquisition and is preparing the pharmacy to enter the ultimatum within the next 24 months.

It will be an important step in implementing Alitam’s multi-billion-pound ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ plan to launch a chain of ‘super pharmacies’ across the UK and Ireland over the next decade that will embed preventive healthcare by drawing on efficiency. Skills of “unused” pharmacists.

“Using the expertise and infrastructure of community pharmacies, we can radically change the healthcare landscape,” Nahabu said.

“We have seen through the popularity of our vaccine clinics and medical and wellness clinics, how badly they are needed. And Alitam is ready to go much further.

“I recently announced a multi-billion-pound plan to launch a chain of ‘super pharmacies’ across the UK and Ireland over the next ten years.

“These super pharmacies will offer everything from highly regulated ophthalmology and audiology services to physiotherapy and even midwifery-led care.

“It simply came to our notice then that the people of our country deserved it. We have been planning our strategy and implementation program for over two years and now I have the ultimatum infrastructure to expand the roll-out program.

“Many pharmacies are not brave enough to expand beyond traditional pharmacy services, so part of our remittance is to help them with this; Offering guidance and advice to pharmacies everywhere and improving the overall health of our community. ”

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