Aston Martin is keeping pace with the BritishVault battery deal

Aston Martin has pushed the accelerator toward electrification through a deal with BritishVault to create high-performance batteries.

The maker of James Bond’s favorite supercar, dated 1913, will today announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the battery maker, aimed at launching the first battery-powered electric vehicle in 2025.

Aston Martin Lagonda said it was “the UK’s leading investor in lithium-ion battery cell technology” and its collaboration would “bring the two leaders in UK engineering together to create the next generation of cell and battery technology designed specifically for high-performance vehicles.”

While Tesla has taken the lead in the electric car market, several well-known British brands are looking to join the race. In January, BritishVault Norfolk-based sports car company Lotus unveiled its first commercial deal to supply battery cells.

BritishVault hired former Ford chairman Graham Howard as head of the company last summer. It is building Britain’s first so-called gigafactory in Northumberland. The £ 2.6 billion plant will be able to produce 30 gigawatt-hour battery cells for electric vehicles each year.

A joint research and development team from Aston Martin and BritishVault will design, develop and industrialize battery packs, including Bespoke modules and a battery management system. The detrimental Aston Martin, which has had a tough time since the flotation in October 2018, is much further down the road with its first plug-in hybrid car, the Valhalla, which will begin delivery in early 2024. It aims to have the original portfolio fully electric by 2030.

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