Bangkok is preparing to move from the Covid-19 medical epidemic to the local level

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is preparing to declare Covid-19 a local disease following recent infections and declining mortality rates.

According to Dr. Kiattifam Ongrajit, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health, the Covid-19 situation at the bank has improved significantly due to measures such as immunization and home isolation and outpatient activities.

Most Bangkok residents are fully vaccinated, with about 60 percent having at least 1 booster dose. These figures suggest that Bangkok may be ready to change its strategy to manage Covid-19 as a local disease.

Prioritize management in high-risk areas such as pubs, bars, public parks and public transport, which will allow for a more gradual shift in local covid management.

National News Bureau:

Prior to the outbreak, authorities had expressed concern that the number of infections after the holidays would exceed 100,000 daily. The number of cases, however, was lower than expected, with the number of daily deaths declining in recent days.

Several governments, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, have announced deadlines to ease epidemic restrictions, normalize life with Covid-19, and revive their economies.

Thailand is pushing down from an epidemic within three months after some coronavirus travel bans were recently lifted.

In an effort to boost tourism, PCR tests have been removed before visitors arrive in Thailand last week. Experts warn, however, that a spike in infection and public fear could prevent a smooth transition to a local disease.

Thailand’s health ministry said earlier this month that the country’s coronavirus epidemic would be identified as a local disease by July, promoting a return to “normal life”.

Despite many plans to revive tourism in the region, there is still uncertainty about the future of travel. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has led to rising oil prices and inflation, which could negatively affect tourist numbers. The shortage of Russian tourists will also reduce the rate of tourism in Thailand, Vietnam and Bali in Indonesia, which are frequent destinations for Russian visitors.

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