Boat rentals in Brisbane and other top locations

If you are looking for something different as a team-building exercise, renting a boat in Brisbane or elsewhere like Ibiza, Mexico or Croatia should be something to consider.

Renting a boat provides a unique experience where your team lives at sea, can spend some quality time exploring different destinations. For example, a boat rental in Brisbane can last for a few days or a week or two, depending on your budget and what you can afford for your staff vacation. This is something to look forward to for your team and can boost the morale and productivity of employees because they feel you care about them. So where do you go to rent your boat? Below are four different destinations.

Boat rental in Brisbane

Brisbane is a beautiful city with a popular dining scene as well as plenty of art galleries and beaches. You and your staff can arrange a few team building activities there, including a water game, a historical quiz or a cocktail master class. The beach is a must see, as well as the sand dunes which are the third largest in the world. The climate is very warm throughout the year, which means you can visit at any time and get a nice tan.

Boat rental in Ibiza

Ibiza is a place where sleep does not come day or night! With a rich nightlife as well as a food scene, there is plenty to see and do while visiting. Many of the activities you do in Ibiza will be within a short voyage from where you will dock your boat, allowing a lot of flexibility when planning things. While many will take Ibiza down to a lively party island, there is also a part of it that is soothing and quiet, allowing you to find something between the two for you and your staff.

Boat rental in Mexico

Do you love beautiful beaches? Do you love water sports? Or do you love mouth watering recipes? If so, you must consider Mexico as a potential location when looking for a place to rent a yacht for your team-building trip. From architecture and landscapes to food and beaches, Mexico has it all. Whatever you and your employees do, there is something for everyone. Take a dive and go on a scuba diving trip, or enjoy the land and explore the desserts – you never get bored.

Boat rental in Croatia

Finding a place to visit on a boat trip can be difficult due to the selection of potential destinations, but one place to consider is Croatia. Looking for team building ideas, there are plenty in Croatia, and its temperatures are very favorable throughout the year, so you can be flexible when you go. Enjoy a trip to explore the waterfalls and make sure you take a walking tour around town. If you are going in the summer, there are several festivals to enjoy for you as well as various islands to explore in your boat. Make sure you book things in advance as you don’t want to miss out.

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