By 2022, IWG will add 1,000 locations to its global network as a demand for hybrids

The world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces with brands including IWG, Regas and Space and nearly 3,500 buildings in more than 120 countries, plans to expand its global network to more than 1,000 new locations next year.

In 2021 alone, IWG added more than two million new subscribers to its global network of flexible workspaces. Between 2020 and 2021, 287 new centers were opened, providing strategies for managing centers near homes in commuter areas with prestigious locations in metropolitan zones. 83% of the Fortune 500 is now in IWG’s global customer base.

Research conducted by IWG shows an increase in demand for hybrid work. When asked to return to the office five days a week, about half the office workers will leave their jobs, where three-quarters would prefer the long-term ability to work flexibly rather than return to the office five days a week with 10 percent pay. Get up

The growth of IWG’s network has increasingly focused on suburban locations, emphasizing the need for workplace solutions at the heart of the local community. 77 percent of employees say that there must be a place to work near their home for their next job where employees are four times more likely to choose an office near their home than in the city center.

The unprecedented growth in demand for hybrid work has enabled IWG to add a number of brands to its portfolio, including The Wing of the United States and Italy-based Copernico, both of which have ambitious expansion plans. Wing Hall is a women-centric co-employment business, and its acquisition provides exciting opportunities for women to expand its offerings in the face of growing demand for alternative work environments.

IWG has also introduced a new retail-based office-space concept: ‘OpenDesk’, with a more open planning environment. The company continues to invest in industry-leading technology and focuses on ensuring that all people have the opportunity to meet their talents.

Both IWG data and consumer research show that businesses around the world are realizing the benefits of flexible work and are turning to traditional office footprints instead of choosing flexible office space. A study by Global Workplace Analytics found that businesses can save more than 11 11,000 per year, implement hybrid work, save by increased productivity, reduce the absence of real estate costs and reduce turnover.

Mark Dixon, Founder and CEO of IWG, says: “2021 is a year of extraordinary change for IWG, our employees, our clients and the markets we serve. Hybrid Work is now an established model and businesses of all sizes are planning for a hybrid future. The shift from a stable workplace to Flex is now irreversible and the business will continue to accelerate its growth and add a thousand positions next year. “

“In addition, we see the benefits of hybrid work not only for employees but also for employers, who are able to save up to £ 8,000 per employee per year through the implementation of hybrid work and reduce their overall carbon footprint while doing so.”

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