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Is a total fool valid? – Roughly enough money

Is a total fool valid? – Roughly enough money

There are many financial services available online that simply want to take your money and run with it.

Motley flowers, but undoubtedly valid.

The Motley Flowers Trust-their stock advisory service will help you increase your stock market profit!

You may be wondering why we are so confident and brave. Keep reading to know more about this stock trading platform.

Product name Motley flowers
Service Premium stock-picking newsletter
Member fee $ 79 to $ 1,999 annually
Newsletter type Violators: High performance stock
Stock Advisor: Starter stock
Your retirement rules: ETFs and index funds
Promotion 30-day full money-back guarantee

Motley stupid essence

  • Cheap stock-picking newsletter for investors
  • Professional analysis of stocks, index funds and ETFs
  • Their website offers a ton of free education.


  • Long history of surpassing the market.
  • Past picking is a complete history
  • Provides stock notifications by text and email.


  • For passive investors, this service may not be necessary.
  • For those new to investing, fees can make up a significant portion of resources.

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What is a motley flower?

The Motley Full is a media and financial services company. Brothers Tom and David Gardner launched it in 1993. Its website has a lot of free information including blog entries, podcasts, message boards and videos. Its subsidiaries, consisting of the following, also offer content and services:

  • MFAM funds
  • Climb
  • Blueprint
  • Million acres
  • Motley Fool Wealth Management
  • Soap box
  • Motley Fool Ventures

Stock research can take a long time. Instead of doing it yourself, why not allow a professional to conduct research for you while they explain the reasons for their chosen stocks?

That sounds expensive. And it is in most cases. The Motley Flower is an exception. For new members, Motley Fool offers stock recommendations for as low as বছর 79 in the first year. Motley flowers have been in business for some time and have established a solid reputation.

What does Motley Flower offer?

Stock advisors are the biggest thing they offer. Top stock picks of The Motley Flower can be found at The Stock Advisor. You will also find the following:

  • The latest stock recommendations are sent monthly, including two new stock picks
  • Community and Investment Resources: You can access books, articles and a vibrant investor community to help you get better.
  • Starter Stock: Basic stock picking for both new and seasoned investors.
  • Best Buy Now: 10 Great Shops from Over 300 Stocks

The stock advisory service offers a variety of options. Each month, you will receive two options and a detailed report on them. Reading the analysis included with each suggestion is a great way to improve your investment knowledge.

Is a total fool valid?

Looks like the motley flower is too good to be true because you have such a great return. With more than 700,000 users and more than 250 employees, it is a legitimate business.

Naturally, every Robo Advisor competitor for your business will demand to outperform the competition. Is it true that motley flowers outperform competitors?

The Gardner brothers have also exceeded their expectations since the Motley Flowers began. This graph shows how stock advisor choices work against the S&P 500!

They even show their performance over time, which is quite impressive:

You will be notified if they think it is time to sell a stock.

They recommend investing in at least 25 different stocks for a minimum of five years. This is not a one day trade. They are showing an overall return of 479.3% as of January 2022, compared to the 134.3% return of the S&P 500 **. You could even quadruple the market.

Motley Flower Review

There have been several positive reviews for motley flowers.

  • TrustPilot, one of the largest review communities in the world, has received a number of positive reviews for Motley Flowers. Some are curated below:

“Just in time. Our savings help us. Excellent web! Thank you, you fools! ”

Maria Bachiochi

“Matli is a fool

Motley Fool is a great site.

I’ve been with them for a few years

The advisors I follow are excellent.

Advised to buy most stocks

Doing very well.

Thank you for the great mind at Motley Flower ”

Jahava Gordon

“I have tried different programs to learn new and investing. Motley Fool is the best. Very informative and lots of learning opportunities. “

Terry came

“We have renewed our subscription in Matli Phule. It provides almost everything you need to be a successful investor and I recommend it, and especially to young investors who are looking for the right answer. This site will help you become a better investor. “

Bob Prutty

Motley Flower Ranking

Motley Flower Stock Adviser is a division of Motley Flower Company, so BBB does not rate it separately.

However, it gives the motley flower a “B” grade (on a scale from A + to F).

Here are some summaries of Motley Flower Ratings:

  • TrustPilot Rating – 3.6 / 5
  • Better Business Bureau Score – 3.9 / 5 (B)
  • Duffroller – 4/5

Motley Flower Product Review:

Comparison of motley flowers:

There are only 100 days left to spend on paper £ 20 and £ 50 notes

There are only 100 days left to spend on paper £ 20 and £ 50 notes

The days of spending paper banknotes in stores are counted: 100 days, to be exact – so start hunting at home.

The remaining £ 20 or £ 50 notes should be spent or deposited by the end of September, the Bank of England said.

An estimated 163 million paper £ 50 banknotes and about 314 million £ 20 paper notes are still in circulation, the bank said.

These notes are being replaced with plastic versions, just like the £ 5 and £ 10 notes, which are more durable.

The bank says new, polymer notes are also difficult to counterfeit.

“Most of the paper notes are out of circulation now, but a significant number remain in the economy, so we’re asking you to check if they’re sitting at home,” said Sarah John, the bank’s chief cashier, who signed the new notes.

From October, people with UK bank accounts will still be able to deposit paper notes in their accounts or at the post office, but it will be impossible to spend them.

The £ 20 and £ 50 notes issued by Clydesdale Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Scotland will also be withdrawn on the same date.

The কাগ 20 paper notes issued by Bank of Ireland, AIB Group, Danske Bank and Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland will also be withdrawn after 30 September.

Alan Turing is being celebrated

The Bank of England, featuring economist Adam Smith, has had a £ 20 paper circulation since 2007, but has been gradually replaced by a plastic version that includes works and portraits by artist JMW Turner.

Also withdrawn is a £ 50 note on paper showing Matthew Bolton and James Watt. It was introduced in 2011 but has now been replaced by Alan Turing for integrated polymer notes.

He helped speed up the Allies’ efforts to read the German naval messages encipher with the help of the Enigma machine and thus helped to shorten World War II and save lives. He also played a leading role in the development of early computers, first at the National Physical Laboratory and later at the University of Manchester.

Turing was gay at a time when homosexuality was illegal and he was convicted of having an affair with a man.

Her presence on the new 50 50 note is welcomed as a symbol of a country facing gay men being abused by some sections of the LGBT + community.

Polymer fiber featuring Winston Churchill was launched in 2016, and the plastic সহ 10 note with Jane Austen’s portrait was first issued in 2017.

All old paper notes can be exchanged by the Bank of England at any time.

Thai Airways forecasts early financial rehabilitation exit

Thai Airways forecasts early financial rehabilitation exit

BANGKOK (NNT) – Thai Airways International (Thai) says it may be able to exit financial rehabilitation sooner than initially expected and resume stock trading.

According to Chai MCiri, head of finance and accounting at Thai, reducing airlines’ costs and streamlining operations and financial performance will enable revenue growth. With this development, the airline may be able to resolve its trading suspension issue with the Thai Stock Exchange (SET) before the 2025 deadline.

After easing travel bans, the airline’s operating losses fell to 3.1 billion baht in the first quarter of this year, down from 6.9 billion baht for the same period last year.

Chai added that Thai is currently working to raise a new fund as part of an ongoing restructuring program. The company will also sell assets worth about 2 billion baht to focus on online ticket sales.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has already revised the 2022 financial performance of the airline industry. Industry losses are expected to fall to 7 9.7 billion from the initial forecast of .6 11.6 billion. In its amendment, the association cited increased travel demand – a trend that continues as more countries move to relax sanctions.

Information and sources

  • Reporter: Paul Rujopakorn
  • Rewriter: Paul Rujopakorn
  • National News Bureau:

Cloudflare solves bugs in hundreds of websites like Shopify and Peloton

Cloudflare solves bugs in hundreds of websites like Shopify and Peloton

A major glitch in the content delivery network CloudFlare caused hundreds of websites across the Internet to stop working and returned a ‘500 internal server error’ message this morning.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a worldwide distribution group that works together. Websites use these CDNs to deliver content safely and quickly from the cloud.

Cloudflare is by far the most popular content delivery network.

Websites affected by website disruptions include Discord, Shopify, Fitbit, Peloton, Grindr, Ring, bet365, Google, NordVPN, JustEat and Ladbrokes, according to Downdetector, which monitors website disruptions.

Cloudflare acknowledged the problem in an update on his official Twitter account.

“The CloudFlare team is aware of current service issues and is working to resolve them as soon as possible,” it said.

The agency now claims to have solved the problem.

The issue prompted many Internet users to express their frustration on social media about the “large part of the Internet” returning 500 internal server errors.

‘Has the internet just shut down? Found 500 internal server errors across several websites, ‘wrote a Twitter user.

DownDector Down, Discord Down, League of Legends Server Down, Valerant Down. Huge internet disruptions are happening, ‘wrote another.

Half the internet is down due to some cloudflare issues due to an internal nginx error on the 500 server. As soon as we talk, Pingu is taking over the world. Twitter is after. It’s up to the people. Not not, ‘wrote another.

“And you thought the train strike was bad …” said cyber security expert Graham Cully.

‘While many websites rely on a single technology, there is always the risk that it could be a single point of failure.’

Jack Moore, global cybersecurity advisor at ESET Internet Security, told MailOnline: ‘There seems to be a problem with CloudFlare and a solution is being worked out but users may be frustrated with the amount of service offline.

‘It simply shows how much the Internet is still funneling through a small series that puts great pressure on these platforms that are designed to provide protection and reliability.

‘When problems occur, disasters can occur in cyberspace. Unfortunately, these are becoming more common. ‘
The cause of the disruption is not yet clear, but Cloudflare was quick to identify the problem and implement a solution.

Cloudflare CTO John Graham-cumming hacker told the news thread that this is not a global outbreak, but has affected ‘many places’.

‘We have problems with our spine. We know what. Rollbacks etc are happening, ‘he said.

Moore explains: ‘Every request from a browser responds with a status. When you visit a website and see a 500 internal server error message, it means there is a problem with the website.

‘Usually no information is given as to why, but nowadays the problem is more with the content distribution network.

“CDNs are struggling with increasing traffic, which is often the cause of the disruption.”

The CloudFlare service status page states: ‘A serious P0 event was announced at about 06:34 AM UTC. Connections to CloudFlare’s network have been disrupted over a wide area, ‘the company said on its system status page.

‘The iBalls will monitor 500 errors trying to reach cloudflare sites in the affected area. The incident affected all data plane services on our network.

Huobi Thailand has been shut down after losing its crypto license

Huobi Thailand has been shut down after losing its crypto license

BANGKOK (NNT) – Crypto exchange Huobi Thailand has announced on its website that it will be permanently closed from 1 July.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said last week that it had revoked the firm’s crypto-exchange license last month after failing to set up systems and staff in accordance with the rules and regulations. The SEC has already suspended the company from September 2021 due to similar issues.

In a statement posted on Huobi’s website, the company explained that it would permanently shut down the platform on July 1 and was working to contact its customers so that they could withdraw their assets from the exchange before it was too late.

The Ministry of Finance previously granted Huobi Thailand a digital asset trading license that allows users to purchase Bitcoin, Etherium, Huobi Token and Stablecoin with USDT Thai baht.

Thailand has seen one of the world’s highest adoption rates for crypto and decentralized financial services (DeFi) alongside the United States and Vietnam, although the Thai government has tightened controls on crypto-based payments as the value of cryptocurrencies has fallen.

The state currently has eight licensed crypto exchange platforms, the largest being Bangkok-based Bitcoin.

Huobi Thailand is built using technology provided by Huobi Cloud, Huobi’s blockchain solution provider, which helps third parties set up exchanges and other crypto-related services.

Huobi Thailand was launched just two years ago, as Huobi itself was accelerating its worldwide expansion after its exit from China, where it originated. In recent years, China has launched a series of crackdowns on crypto trading, which has persuaded businesses to go abroad and attract international customers.

Information and sources

  • Reporter: Paul Rujopakorn
  • Rewriter: Paul Rujopakorn
  • National News Bureau:

TrendSpider Coupon – Cost Savings You Can’t Miss

TrendSpider Coupon – Cost Savings You Can’t Miss

TrendSpider is definitely one of the best stock analysis tools you can get. This is one of our top recommendations for traders who need real-time data and alerts to ensure that you have received notifications. There are several plans that you can choose from at TrendSpider and you can go monthly or go for an annual subscription.

Prices aren’t the most affordable, but don’t worry because we have a solution

TrendSpider Cost – Exactly How Much Can You Save?

So, how much is Trendspider and all its analytical glory going to cost you? As mentioned, there is a choice between your monthly or annual subscription and the three price levels.


The name can be a bit confusing because the premium plan is actually the most basic. You’ve already got a lot more with just $ 39 / month or $ 33 / month ($ 396 / year) premium with annual subscription.

The premium plan is recommended for traders who are quite active but have other day job and do not focus on business full time.

The elite

Elite Plan is Trendspider’s most popular choice. This is the best choice for experienced and frequent traders as they mentioned, and costs $ 79 / month, or $ 65 / month ($ 780 / year). As you can see, the higher the price of the plan, the more savings you will get.


The final plan is for professionals and business professionals. An advanced plan would cost মো 129 / month or $ 97 / month ($ 1,164 / year). This plan unlocks all the features of TrendSpider.

All plans promise very accessible customer support via any hidden fees, phone, chat or email and even have 1-1 training!

If you go for a free trial first and then continue subscribing, TrendSpider gives you even more discounts which are equivalent to:


$ 33.15 / month or $ 28.05 / month annually.

The elite

$ 67.15 / month or $ 55.25 / month annually.


$ 109.65 / month or $ 82.45 / month annually.

TrendSpider price comparison

How does Trendspider compare to other similar services like Tradingview? Let’s have a quick breakdown.

We know there are three different levels of TrendSpider with an annual subscription of $ 33, $ 65, and $ 97 (of course prices are cheaper with our coupon codes). তিনটি 12.95, $ 24.95, and $ 49.95 for the three plans, including Tradingview’s annual sub.

We’ve got it, the trading view is much more attractive in terms of price, but is it worth what you get? After all, that’s what counts inside.

TrendSpider is definitely an option with more value. It is advanced enough for experts and professionals, while Tradingview is more recommended for new to intermediate traders. Another area where TrendSpider wins is mobile app functionality.

The TrendSpider app is intuitive and fully functional, meaning you can do anything you want on the desktop site. TradingView’s app, on the other hand, is only partially functional.

How useful investment strategies and learning resources are will depend on your needs, but again, TrendSpider is our choice. Even if you have a hard time wrapping your head around the given charts and other technical data, you can find the answer at TrendSpider University.

Trendspider analyzes more security than TradingView. Yes, TrendSpider is more expensive, but our 10% discount code never looks good if you are serious about trading.

TrendSpider coupon discount

As we said, price is not a small deal, but we have a big deal for you. With our TrendSpider coupon code 10TS, you get 10% off any plan. Take advantage of this discount with a 7-day free trial for any plan that you can cancel or upgrade at any time.

The best thing about free trials is that you won’t get a limited version (and therefore a limited view) of what TrendSpider can do. You will have full access to all the features of the plan you have chosen for the whole week.

If you do not cancel the plan because you like what you get (and we think you will), you will be charged later. TrendSpider doesn’t bother you if you decide to cancel and they make the process extremely easy.

You don’t have to feel pressured to commit, they have implemented a 7 day trial for your benefit. Even if premium or elite plans don’t provide enough resources, you can choose to upgrade.

The last row

TrendSpider Cost Is It Worth It? Yes, although it may seem steep, you can take advantage of our discount link and write code 10TS to get 10% discount. Don’t feel pressured to sign up, as you can take a test spin for the first 7 days. If you do not like the feature or service, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Relationships between SME owners last 5 times longer than the national average

Relationships between SME owners last 5 times longer than the national average

A new study Reveals that couples who pay together, live together, research shows that the relationship between those who currently run or run runs with their partner lasts 5 times longer than the national average.

This compares the national average of 2 years, 9 months for those who run the business together for 11 years, 4 months.

The survey found that about four out of five people say their relationship is stronger because of running a business together, and the same number think the character traits needed to run a business with a partner are the same as those based on a strong personal relationship.

When asked why working together benefits their relationship, more than three-quarters agree that they see their partner’s best qualities in running a business together. Three out of five say they are attracted to their partner’s business acumen, while about two-thirds say the arguments end quickly because they need to focus on their business.

Buckinghamshire-based relationship coach James Pryce reflects on GoDaddy’s research and offers five tips to couples who may be considering starting their own business:

  1. Schedule regular conversations – The secret of any successful relationship is healthy and frequent communication. Whether you need feedback on your work or want to chat about what happened that day, open and honest communication is essential to your well-being.
  2. Place each other – Taking time for yourself is essential to maintaining your wisdom and peace of mind. Giving your partner a chance to miss you will help your connection. Encourage their friends to see or participate in sports and activities that do not involve you. This means you will talk more later.
  3. Be each other’s cheerleaders – Constantly remind yourself that you are both on the same team. Don’t allow each other or feel like you’re competing and celebrating each other’s little wins and accomplishments. That way you will grow together and strengthen your relationship.
  4. Leave work behind – Make a deal that once you stop working you both stop for days. Don’t talk about problems or focus on anything negative. If you want to work from home, try to dedicate an area only for work. Your home should be a safe place where you can relax and unwind.
  5. Don’t forget to date – Even though you are always together, you need to make time for a quality time together as a couple. Try arranging a date night once a week where you go out somewhere new or try a new activity. It keeps things exciting and gives you something to look forward to as well as work.

“Work and home are often seen as mutually exclusive lifestyles, but that can’t be further from the truth,” Pres said. “Actually, working together can be a great way to strengthen your relationship. When you are able to successfully balance work and family responsibilities, it can show your partner that you value their contribution to your life.”

GoDaddy customer and couple Chris and Sarah Frere and Suzy and Daniel Smith shared the following observations about living and working together:

Chris and Sarah Frere, owners of Magpie, said: “Doing business together is not without its challenges, but we have seen how working together as a couple has strengthened our bond. We have become more honest because we know each other very well, and by working together we have learned how to support each other in different ways. “

Suzy and Daniel Smith, owners of Bellaby Jewelry, said: “We’ve done a great job as a team in our personal lives for over a decade and we were confident that this would be true in business too – and we were right! We like that working together doesn’t feel like hard work, our strengths complement each other perfectly, and we know how to use them for business benefits. “

Ben Law, head of GoDaddy in the UK and Ireland, said: “Through our extensive experience empowering entrepreneurs on a daily basis, we know that microbusiness owners have a deep passion for the companies they run. However, it is gratifying to see that small business owners can also find love with their partners and these relationships can be much stronger than the national average. It seems like couples are paying attention to each other, they’re really living together. “

The loss of Ukraine is the gain of China

The loss of Ukraine is the gain of China

The conflict in Ukraine will have major strategic consequences for Chinese foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific region. This will deepen the Russian-Chinese economic cooperation, which will make both countries more resilient to Western economic pressures.

Long-term instability in Europe will make it more difficult for Ukraine to expand its Pacific presence over the next few years, with significant financial and military resources from the United States to support it.

Author: Vasily Kashin, Higher School of Economics (Moscow)

The conflict has proved that the West is not capable of imposing sanctions on a large economy without compromising its own stability. The war has also demonstrated the effectiveness of Russian nuclear resistance, making even a limited Western intervention unimaginable.

China will be the main beneficiary of the Ukraine crisis

However, this is not reflected in China’s political rhetoric, which has been carefully calculated to avoid a major collapse with the European Union and other developed countries while maintaining close cooperation with Russia.

China’s official position is consistent with a statement made by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during the outbreak of war in February 2022: China is concerned about the violence and wants to stop it. It maintains that the territorial integrity and security interests of all parties need to be respected. China also feels that NATO expansion is partly responsible for the crisis.

On the economic front, China has seized the major strategic opportunities offered by the war. In the first four months of 2022, trade between Russia and China grew by 25.9 percent. Russia’s exports to China rose 37.8 percent to .8 30.85 billion. The physical volume of natural gas exports has also increased by 15 per cent.

China is set to move to the European Union as Russia’s main economic partner. Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui has called on Chinese businessmen to “fill the remaining gaps” in the Russian market through Western business. Russia has contributed to the federal budget surplus between January and April 2022, despite the war of cooperation with China. This seems to be Russia’s strategy to maintain financial and economic stability as it continues to put pressure on Ukraine.

By 2023, most or all bilateral trade is expected to be conducted in renminbi. Chinese companies and brands will likely dominate a large part of the Russian consumer market and become Russia’s main industrial and technological partner. Renminbi also has a growing trend towards a large part of Russian trade with third countries.

With the expected expansion of logistical infrastructure, China will get a major source of strategic products. China will be able to collect these products at significant discounts as Russia will be isolated from many other markets and China will use its own currency. This would significantly reduce the West’s ability to leverage economic pressure points against China.

Some of China’s top global companies are apparently reducing their presence in Russia because the second embargo could affect their operations in the international market. But in many cases cooperation will be limited or surpass second tier corporations with no global exposure. Such companies would still be strong enough to operate in the Russian market. In the West, like in Iran, their activities will be serviced by specialized banks without any exposure.

Strategically, this transformation – combined with profound internal changes in Russia’s political economy – will make Russia largely immune to economic warfare. For the foreseeable future, the West will have no choice but to use expensive military options to stop Russia in Europe. Instead, it would provide a major strategic opportunity for China in the Pacific.

It is very difficult for China to assess the military lessons of the war very quickly and on the basis of available information. A feature of the Ukrainian conflict is an unprecedented level of propaganda and misinformation from all sides.

But two clear lessons have been learned from the war so far. First, the United States and NATO allies will always try to avoid a direct military confrontation with a major nuclear power. Even if a force is fighting a full scale battle at their doorstep. Second, the economic war against Russia has created significant problems for the Western economy, with increasing inflationary pressures and declining growth rates. Any comparative move against China, a ten times bigger economy, would destroy much of the world economy. This makes any such move extremely unlikely.

Vasily Kashin is director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies at the Moscow Higher School of Economics.

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The best place to buy gold online

The best place to buy gold online

Gold is usually a safe bet when the market is down. It would be nice to know that you have some relatively stable resources in the world where gas prices could reach all-time highs and unseen crises like global epidemics could spread around the world. Even if you don’t try to offset inflation and market volatility, gold is an excellent resource for diversification.

Buying gold online is one of the easiest ways to acquire precious metals (and a few more), but is it safe, and can these dealers be trusted? We’ll find out.

Why buy gold online?

Some shopping online may seem riskier than doing it from a brick-and-mortar store. After all, you can inspect the product before you fork out for money, take it home now, and you know who to look for if there’s a problem. Not to mention, this eliminates the risk of losing your product during shipping.

If you can do this in real stores, why choose online dealers?

One very interesting (and winning) point is that you usually get a cheap price online. Online boolean dealers do not have to pay rent, so they usually do not charge a premium. If they keep their inventory onsite, there are also insurance questions and the product is ready to go on a small scale.

Places like Money Metal Exchange, the real winner in our eyes, JM Bullion and Acre Gold are all online valuable metal exchanges that have received very positive reviews.

The best place to buy gold online – trusted dealer

1. Money Metal Exchange

Money Metal Exchange is our first choice for many reasons. Not only is the price of the precious metal very competitive, there is no shipping cost if you purchase a product worth more than $ 500 – which is not difficult.

You can buy precious metals, sell your existing collection, or even borrow against the gold and silver you own. One of the biggest concerns of people when buying such valuable items online is safety.

Of course, you can choose to send what you buy directly to you, but many Money Metal Exchange clients choose to save it to their metal company. Money Metal Exchange keeps everything safe in a sophisticated storage facility.

The exchange offers not only gold, but also silver, copper, platinum, rhodium and palladium. Money Metal Exchange has also won the title of Best Precious Metal Dealer of 2020, awarded by Investopedia. It has a very high rating on the Better Business Bureau website and is recognized.


  • Free shipping on $ 500+ orders
  • Very competitive price
  • Storage service
  • Many offer access to precious metals
  • Invoices are insured
  • Many payment gateways
  • Starter portfolio recommendation
  • Lots of helpful resources
  • There is a buyback program


  • You can bear the transaction fee

2. JM Bullion

If for some reason you don’t want to go to the Money Metal Exchange, JM Bullion is the next best thing. This is another precious metal exchange that has received a very favorable A + rating and at least a 4-star review.

It also offers the same precious metals and uniform services as the Money Metal Exchange, but one thing that resets it and puts it in the No. 2 position is that it does not ship goods outside the United States.

However, you can take advantage of the storage system JM Bullion offer, which is free for 6 months for assets over $ 3,000!

JM Bullion’s website also has many helpful resources and it doubles as a crypto (bitcoin) exchange! It also accepts payments in Bitcoin.


  • Storage in a secure facility
  • Accepts and has crypto
  • There are supporting resources available
  • High prices
  • Buyback feature
  • Offer a range of products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Intuitive site


  • Not available outside the United States

3. Acres of gold

If for some reason our first two tips don’t reassure you, Acre will be Gold. This is a little different from your typical bullion exchange because it offers subscriptions. If you do not have the necessary funds for a full bar of gold, you can start by buying fractions!

This is a great option for beginners or those who do not have much capital. Once the full amount of the bar has been paid, Acre Gold will send it to you. There are 3 subscription plans to choose from and you can change your account as needed. But keep in mind that return is not possible once the physical product has been shipped.

Acre Gold adds some incentives for clients with referral programs and affiliate programs. If there is one thing we can ask Acre Gold to improve on is that it will offer more channels for customer support.


  • Each bar comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Temper-clear packaging for shipping
  • Fraction purchase
  • 3 subscription plans
  • Referrals and affiliate programs
  • Low entry threshold for metal investments


  • Only email and social media customer service available


Prices are everything for most investors, but we have a treat for you. Find out what Money Metal Exchange can do for you here with our link for extra convenience. If you like JM Bullion, check them out. For those interested in buying fractions, then Acre Gold can get you here.

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The eco-airship agreement will create 1,800 jobs in South Yorkshire

The eco-airship agreement will create 1,800 jobs in South Yorkshire

The construction of 10 new eco-friendly airships in South Yorkshire will create about 1,800 jobs.

Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), a small Bedford-based company, announced on Wednesday that it had signed an agreement with a Spanish airline to deliver 10 of its 100 passenger Airlander’s 10 helium-filled aircraft.

The aircraft, which the company says will have less than a tenth of the CO2 footprint per jet plane passenger, will be built in a new green space production cluster in South Yorkshire.

Business Secretary Quasi Quarteng said commissioners of Ireland showed that the UK was at the forefront of “revolutionary” green aircraft technology.

“Hybrid aircraft can play an important role as we transform into a cleaner form of aviation, and it is wonderful to see the UK move forward with technological advances,” he said.

“The deal, revolutionary, British-built and designed, increases the likelihood that the Airlander 10 will fly across Spanish skies. This is further evidence that UK businesses are embracing new technologies and supporting highly skilled UK jobs. “

The construction of 10 new eco-friendly airships in South Yorkshire will create about 1,800 jobs.

The aircraft, which according to HAV will have about 4.5kg of CO2 footprint per passenger compared to about 53kg in a jet, is expected to take to the skies in 2026 with the Spanish carrier Air Nostrum.

Carlos Bartomeu, president of Air Nostrum, said: “Airlander 10 will significantly reduce emissions and that is why we have entered into this agreement with HAV. Sustainability, which is good news for everyone, is already a non-negotiable fact in the day-to-day operations of commercial aviation. “

The airline, which currently operates flights to Iberia, did not say which route the airlander would operate. HAV had earlier said that it was expected to fly to Palma de Mallorca from Barcelona in four and a half hours.

HAV, which in the past has attracted funding from Peter Hambro, founder of the Russian gold miner Petropavlovsk, and Bruce Dickinson, the Iron Maiden frontman, said its aircraft was “ideal for intercity mobility applications such as the current inter-city mobility application from Liverpool to Belfast and from Seattle to Vancouver.” Can serve with small fractions. “

Tom Grandi, CEO of HAV, said: “Airlander is designed to provide a better future for sustainable aviation, enable new transport networks and provide faster growth options for our customers. Our partnership with Air Nostrum Group as the launch airline for Airlander 10 takes us into that future. ”

The craft was originally designed as a surveillance vehicle for intelligence missions in Afghanistan. HAV claims that independent estimates put the value of the airship market at $ 50bn (£ 41bn) over the next 20 years. It aims to sell its 265 Airlander craft during that time.

The £ 25m Airlander 10 prototype took six test flights, some of which ended badly. It crashed on its second test flight in 2016, after a successful first 30-minute voyage. HAV tweeted at the time: “Airlander suffered damage during today’s flight. No casualties were reported in the air or telegraph poles. ”