Covid-19 has intensified gender inequality and business bias, the woman says

Two-thirds of women entrepreneurs think the epidemic has exacerbated gender inequality and business bias, new research shows.

About half (47%) of women entrepreneurs had to take on more family responsibilities during the epidemic, as one in ten said they had to stick to their business plans.

In response to a survey of more than 800 female small business owners, Simply Business is one of the largest small business insurance providers in the UK.

Apprentice star Barnes Karen Brady has partnered with CBE to empower women in their business ventures – giving a woman a chance to win one-on-one consultative sessions with top British business executives.

Along with improving their skills and confidence as business owners, the initiative was launched to help women small business owners overcome business sexism and gender bias.

Karen Brady, a female entrepreneur, will win an hour-long, one-on-one mentoring session with CBE.

One-third of business owners experience sex

Worryingly, the survey further revealed that one in three women entrepreneurs experienced sexuality as a business owner, with one in five (19%) experiencing gender inequality and unequal access to opportunities.

More than one-third of women entrepreneurs claim that working with child care and family responsibilities is one of the biggest challenges in running a business, and that the support and advice needed for women leaders in the industry to acquire their skills is far more important than ever. Opportunity to network with other business owners.

Ronnie, who runs a high street tech repair shop in Beaconsfield: “Being a mother of three and owning a new business during Covid is one of the most difficult challenges for me. I don’t usually give up very easily, but it took everything to push me inside. The support and advice from the government was not the best, I was able to get some help from the local councils, but more support was needed. “

Barnes Karen Brady, CBE, Ambassador for Simply Business, comments: “The level of gender bias and inequality in business, especially in the small business landscape, is astonishing. Sexuality and bias, conscious or unconscious, will erode confidence over time and lead to unequal opportunities. We challenge sexuality and bias and it is important to equip women entrepreneurs with the tools, access and confidence to overcome these barriers. We need to motivate women in business, not bring them down.

“We need to harness the talents, ambitions and drives of women in any business, big or small. I am proud to be partnering with Simply Business to shed light on business gender and bias – this is an ongoing challenge that we need to address. Supporting and advising a woman entrepreneur, and providing her with the skills and tools she needs to improve is a positive step in this journey. “

Bia Montoya, chief operating officer of Simply Business, commented: “The epidemic was severe for everyone, with far fewer people injured than small business owners in the country – and this is especially true for those who run their own businesses.

“The challenges of running a small business over the last two years have been relentless, ranging from trade restrictions to staff shortages. But for those working in parenting, child care and home-schooling, those challenges have been intensified. Nearly half of all women entrepreneurs have had to take on more family responsibilities during the epidemic, with one in 10 people shutting down their businesses altogether.

“Here at Simply Business, we are proud to support thousands of thriving small businesses across the UK run by women. And we want to help address the worrying levels of gender bias and inequality – which have worsened since the beginning of Covid-19 – and enable more women to go it alone.

“By partnering with Barnes Karen Brady CBE – a strong entrepreneur with an interesting story and lots of insights to share – we hope countless more women entrepreneurs will be inspired to pursue their big dreams and become their own bosses.”

“Small businesses are vital to the UK economy and to our economic recovery from the epidemic. We are thrilled to give a female business owner the opportunity to have exclusive, one-on-one mentoring sessions with Karen. We know that a huge positive impact awaits us, Karen is helping to support and guide a lucky entrepreneur in the next phase of their business journey. ”

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