Entain, the owner of Ladbrokes, paid some leave after the screams

Entain, the gaming giant owned by Ladbrokes, will have to pay £ 44m of furlough claims during the epidemic, but keep £ 57.5m.

Caroline Harris MP called it “absolutely shameful” that the antenna was not paying off at all, despite the increased profits.

The group posted a pre-tax profit of £ 393m in 2021, up 125% from a year earlier.

It said the Farlow scheme helped secure 14,000 jobs and made partial payments possible with a “more specific medium-term approach”.

Entain has around 3,000 betting shops in the UK branded Ladbrocks or Coral – which had to close for the greater part of 2020 and 2021 due to coronavirus restrictions.

However, the Punters did not stop betting, they just went online. Entain’s online business grew rapidly, and helped the group’s revenue grow 8% last year.

In response to a news story in January, MPs called on Antenna to return the money received under the Farlow scheme, with former Conservative leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith saying the company should “immediately return the money to UK taxpayers”.

Antেইn said earlier that the situation was “under review.” On Thursday, it announced that it would return the £ 44m claimed in 2021, but retain the দাবি 57.5m claimed in 2020.

Labor MP Caroline Harris, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Losses, said; “Given that the company made millions of pounds last year from losing money gamblers, it’s a shame they even took it from taxpayers and they didn’t pay the full furlough.”

Entain said in a statement: “The scheme is a wise and highly welcome policy intervention that has helped us, as one of the largest retailers in the country, maintain the livelihoods of more than 14,000 retail colleagues on full pay.

“We have kept the situation under review since we used the first scheme and are happy to be in a position to repay these funds.”

One of Entain’s rivals, William Hill, also had to close its betting stores, but it returned the £ 24.5m furlough claimed in 2020 and took nothing further, citing “post-lockdown recovery power”.

Bookmakers Betfred claimed at least .6 46.6m from Farlow during the epidemic, despite a recent 5 205m profit on their account.

In January, a spokesman for the firm said: “Thank you for keeping the government job [furlough] We didn’t have to create a single redundancy because of the epidemic, and we will continue to invest in our stores on the High Street. “

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