Entrepreneur Faisal Nahabu agreed on a strategic partnership with PharmaDoctor

Thanks to another innovative initiative by Alitam CEO and founder Feisal Nahaboo, Alitam Pharmacies has entered into a strategic partnership with PharmaDoctor and will offer a feature walk-in, GP-type clinical service ‘within a week’ to address the chronic shortage of accessible healthcare in the community.

Bharati Patel, former executive director of Avicenna Group, has joined the ultimatum to support their immediate rollout to the nation.

Ultima Pharmacies across the UK and Ireland will soon offer a variety of walk-in GP-type services for patients, allowing them to have a ‘quick-track’ access to medical treatment while removing the burden on the NHS.

Alitalam founder and CEO Feisal Nahaboo today announced a strategic partnership between Alitam, the visionary 100-Plus Pharmacy Store Group and Pharmadoctor, an industry expert in providing equipment and resources for instore medical clinical services.

Under the new partnership, Alitam Pharmacies will provide a wide range of clinical services including health check-ups for men and women, weight loss, a travel clinic and hair loss treatment.

These services will be initially tested in a number of ultimatum stores “within a week” before launching nationwide, enabling patients to receive emergency medical care without having to wait for a GP or hospital appointment.

Welcoming the new service as a “milestone for healthcare”, Nahabu said it would also help ease the pressure on the UK’s additional charge GPs and hospitals.

He said: “This will be a milestone for healthcare in the UK and Ireland. Patients can go to their local pharmacy and be assessed and treated for a variety of health problems, usually provided by a GP.

“Clinical services will include health check-ups for men and women, weight loss, a travel clinic, hair loss and more.

“We will address issues directly to patients to get an emergency appointment at their GP, or local hospital, and consequently reduce the burden of primary health care significantly.”

While the Kovid-19 epidemic is undoubtedly a technological revolution, Nahabu believes it also triggered the need for a ‘healthcare revolution’.

The NHS waiting list for routine treatment currently stands at 6 million, projected to increase from eight to 10 million in a year, while GP surgeries are also facing unprecedented stress and appointment backlog.

Nahabu’s vision is to reshape the healthcare landscape by expanding the role of community pharmacists.

He recently announced a multi-billion-pound plan to launch a chain of ‘super pharmacies’ across the UK and Ireland over the next five years that will embed preventive healthcare by drawing on the skills and competencies of “unused” pharmacists.

The addition of GP-type services is seen as the first step towards the multi-billion-pound super pharmacy concept, which will offer everything from highly regulated ophthalmology and audiology services to physiotherapy and even midwife-led care.

Nahabu added: “The ultimatum mandate is to move our healthcare system from disease treatment to disease prevention.

“The epidemic highlights the abnormalities of our existing healthcare model. Transitioning to a preventive model is a fundamental but, thanks to the skills and training of our unused pharmacists, existing pharmacy infrastructure and pharmacoder resources, we can make it happen faster.

“Initially we will focus on a core suite of clinical services including test launches at designated pharmacies.

“We will collect patient feedback and then adapt and refine it to develop a best-practice approach before launching it across all Ultimate stores.

“As you can see, with easy access to weight loss clinics, for example, many problems related to being overweight – such as diabetes and heart conditions – can be avoided.

“And a lot of the anxiety, which goes with being unable to get medical help, will be reduced.”

Bharti Patel, a former executive director of the Avicenna Group who was personally led by Nahabu, is the group executive director of Alitam responsible for managing partnerships with pharmacists and overseeing the roll-out of clinical services in pharmacies.

Appreciating the new Ultima-Pharmacoder alliance, he said: “It represents a remarkable alignment of purpose and power.

“Ultimate Vision will enable us to provide a suite of much-needed clinical services for accessible, affordable preventive healthcare in local communities and through our partnerships with pharmacists.

“These will truly enhance the skills and competencies of our pharmacists, enabling them to provide care beyond traditional prescription management.

“Now they will address the overall needs of patients, at a time when they no longer needed the procedure.

“We are fully embracing all the tools provided by PharmaDoctor, both in the electronic platform and in clinical skills training, so that we can address the urgent need for face-to-face patient care.

“It is a fact that many GPs are still unable to offer it. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. With ultimatum, that is the reality now. “

Graham Thomas (pictured above), CEO of PharmaDoctor, is very excited about the future prospects in the world of pharmacy and healthcare.

He said: “As Faisal said, this represents an important step in a movement towards ‘preventive and empowering healthcare’.

“We have known for a long time that, through innovative systems and training, pharmacies can offer far more than people realize.

“I am delighted that Alitam is implementing our highly effective tools and resources, which will have a huge impact on their reach across the UK and Ireland.

“Bharati and I are working closely together and gaining a lot in speed. Speed ​​summary, because Ultima wants to solve problems like the NHS waiting list of 6 million people. “

Thoms will also join Nahaboo’s recently announced Global Reset 2022 initiative, a new set of business, financial, medical and political mindsets responsible for creating a revolutionary new national preventive healthcare system run by pharmacies.

Speaking of the first of its kind, Nahabu said: “Through my Global Reset 2022 initiative, a collection of thought leaders from all sectors to explore radical solutions to our healthcare crisis, I will share this best practice.

“I will also reach out to pharmacies outside of the Alitam Group, requesting them to fully capitalize on the capabilities of their clinically skilled pharmacists.

“Our movement is strongly focused on providing a preventive health care system that fully meets the health and wellness needs of our 66 million people.

“Alitam is a pioneer, sets standards, and I want many pharmacists in the country to join us in this movement.

“I know some pharmacists are already active. I admire them. But the majority lags behind, still not relying on NHS funding to provide a number of medical services to build a foundation for them to invest in their business. “

Thomas added: “We are fully connected to Alitam in our objectives and vision. A huge burden is being borne by GPs and hospitals for the knowledge of pharmacists and Alitam’s vision.

“I look forward to working with all pharmacies, everywhere, to create preventive healthcare models that will change এবং and save lives.”

Pharmacy is Nahabur Brainild, and its second overnight multiple merger model (OMMM). His first OMMM saw him consolidate 122 independent accountancy firms in record-breaking 256 working days, creating Xeinadin, the leading accountancy firm.

According to the Irish Times, Xeinadin posted revenue of .3 110.3 million in May 2020 and earned কর 39.9 million before interest tax devaluation and refinancing (asset payments) অনেকwhat much more than is commonly seen in the sector and representatives. The type of growth that usually takes 50-100 years to achieve.

Xeinadin has continued to improve since then, most recently leading a significant portion of private investment from private equity firm Exponential.

Alitam plans to announce several new strategic partners next week.

For more information about Alitam, visit www.alitamgroup.com. For more information about the OMMM model, visit www.ommg.co.uk. For more information about Faisal Nahabu, visit www.feisal.co.uk.

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