Faisal Nahabu has unveiled a ‘dream executive team’ to transform healthcare into alumni

In the last 12 months, Faisal Nahabu, founder and CEO of Ultim, has planned an ambitious recruitment drive to create an executive board of “Breathtaking Talent”, tasked with delivering its multi-billion pound ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ concept that will ‘change the future’. Pharmacy’s face by creating world-leading preventive healthcare model with the expertise of pharmacists’.

Ultim founder Faisal Nahabu today unveiled a full-fledged executive board to take his ambitious multi-billion-pound ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ concept from the drawing board to the high street.

It took 12 months of “uninterrupted engagement and discussion” to bring the selected team together, with all members being respected pioneers in their field: top strategists, entrepreneurs, pharmacists, politicians and financiers.

The Board will work in unison to provide Nahabu’s vision, including the provision of affordable, affordable healthcare, comprehensive clinical and GP-type services nationwide, run by pharmacists.

It promises to transform Britain’s healthcare system from remedial to preventative, as well as relieving Ireland of the burden on the struggling NHS and HSE.

Ultima, a 100-plus pharmacy group in the UK and Ireland, is set to prepare for a significant influx of private equity investments that will help facilitate entrepreneur Nahabu’s ambitious plans with the group.

Nahabu says: “This extraordinary, revolutionary healthcare movement needs to be led by outstanding people.

“So I have chosen leaders in their field, detailing the breadth and depth of my vision for the ultimatum and pharmacy as a whole.

“After a year of continuous engagement and discussion, I am happy to announce this line-up, which forms a strong array of talent.

‘Dream team’ Alim’s executive board. From top left to bottom right: Sir Ken Olisa, Harry Johal, Dhruv Patel OBE, Ray Maxhari, Bharati Patel, Prakash Patel, Anthony Isaacs, Jack Breach, and Faisal Nahabu, Founder and CEO of Ultimate.

“Every single employer, including the latest board addition Bharati Patel, shares the drive to work together, as an organization with a vision: to provide easily accessible, affordable healthcare – which typically includes a wide range of clinical services provided by GPs such as ear irrigation. By Vaccinations, weight management, diabetes testing, minor clinics, and much more — that would relieve Ireland of a substantial burden on the NHS and HSE.

“We are working together to implement innovation at an incredible pace. The cross-fertilization of concepts is wonderful. Our acquisition strategy is ambitious, we plan to grow 10 percent organic over the next five years.

“Our radical plan for preventive healthcare, in contrast to the current, responsive model, is bold. I recently announced a multi-billion-pound plan to launch a chain of ‘super pharmacies’ across the UK and Ireland over the next five to ten years.”

“These super pharmacies will offer everything from highly regulated ophthalmology and audiology services to physiotherapy and even midwife-led care.”

The ultimatum is led by Chairman Sir Ken Olissa, Lord Lieutenant of London (Queen’s Representative in the Capital) and a leading light in the business and philanthropic world — for which he was knighted in 2018.

As director of Reuters, he was the first black man of British descent to serve as director of the FTSE100 company. In 2016, he was ranked No. 1 on the PowerList list of the most influential black people in the UK.

Until recently, he served as a non-executive board member of Huawei but resigned last week for policy reasons over Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Chief Operating Officer Bharti Patel, a former executive director of Avicenna Group who boasts of a strong track record of creating value for major UK and European companies in the healthcare sector, has been accused of overseeing the integration of new pharmacies in the Ultimatum Group. Profit margin improvement.

He will work with Alitam CEO Nahabu to create a preventive healthcare network, identify reputable service providers, discuss terms and conditions, and assist the board এবং and all Alitam pharmacies বাস্তব in implementing these services.

Jack Brach, former MD of Credit Suisse, is CFO of Alitam and will work on financial modeling for the group’s ambitious 100-plus roll-up program.

After leading the complex and high-profile merger of Alliance Unichem and Boots, he has brought great insights and knowledge about the M&A deal to the world of pharmacy, which will be “invaluable” at this crucial juncture as an ultimatum. Want significant private equity investment.

Breach will be responsible for financial modeling of organic growth for individual pharmacies as Alitam seeks to integrate innovative service lines, as well as the acquisition of Alitam and modeling of super pharmacy programs.

Dhruv Patel OBE, a well-known businessman, politician and community organizer, was one of Nahabu’s first signings on the ultimatum board and will lead the next Jane People roll-out across stores.

He was previously governor of the East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) from 2014 to 2017, during which time the Trust Care Quality Commission earned an outstanding rating from the CQC.

Patel currently sits on the property committee of Clothworkers Leverage Company, which has an estimated £ 300 million in real-estate assets.

The head of Alitam’s UK pharmacies is Harry Johal, a highly experienced pharmacist and currently the equity director of Alitam’s largest UK pharmacy group.

Johal has both significant operational experience and a thorough understanding of professional services in the pharmacy sector.

He will work to support and guide the integration and integration of all UK pharmacies within the ultimatum.

The head of pharmacies in Ireland is Ray Maxhari, who runs the largest pharmacy group in Western Ireland and brings to the board his great experience and deep insights.

Prakash Patel, Operations Director of Alitam, has a great reputation among pharmacists, works tirelessly on various industry boards and is a vocal advocate for pharmacy in the face of regulatory change.

The publication is helping Ultima reduce costs, increase the scale of its economy and facilitate the group’s expansion across the UK.

Anthony Isaacs, one of the city’s leading movers and jerks, has recently joined the board as a non-executive director (subject to contract).

Isaac’s knowledge of equity capital markets (ECM) is second to none, having previously established ECM divisions for high-profile banks such as Credit Suisse and HSBC Global Bank.

The city’s three decades of experience have equipped Isaacs with the knowledge and skills to guide Ultimam for high-level investments; And to achieve the goal of acquiring more than 100 stores in the next two years.

He will also be instrumental in the roll-out of ‘Super Pharmacy’ in key locations in the UK and Ireland.

The executive board has been rounded up by Naitabu, founder and CEO of Alitam, who said: Implementation of new product and service lines; Driving cost efficiency, new income stream; And M&A team titles.

“But the final game is to create more trustworthy, visionary High Street Pharmacy Ultima, to save more lives, reduce infection rates, identify and treat clinical problems early, secure secondary care services, and provide physical and mental health care.” Problems will be reduced a lot.

“As the CEO of this inspiring company, the mission that I have always held in my heart.

“In terms of the capacity of our board, investors obviously have a lot of confidence in us. Everyone sees ‘industrial logic’ right now, as Sir Ken has said, of Alitam, and I am discussing it with several interested parties.

“I will announce more soon. I am bringing together more than 25 pharmacy leaders this month to work together to disrupt the industry and lead change.

“The look of the pharmacy is going to change and a lot of people are supporting me and Alitam to make sure.”

For more information about Alitam, visit www.alitamgroup.com. For more information on Faisal Nahabu, visit www.feisal.co.uk or follow him on LinkedIn.

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