How to come up with a business name

Do you want to start your own business in the near future? You may already know what your main activity will be, you may not have thought of your business name yet.

However, finding a name for your company or brand is a choice that should be considered in advance. Here are all our tips for finding the best possible name for your future company.

As well as related How to come up with a business name? You can seek advice from experts for any advice while building your business, which is free to us.

How to choose a name for your company?

The goal of a company name is to send a clear message about the sector of its operations as well as to convey a sense of consistency with the values ​​it wants to convey to its customers.

The step of choosing a company name is an important step when creating a company.

How to find a brand name related to the market?

First, define your position, your purpose, your proposal, and your values ​​so that there is a solid foundation for action. Experts will be able to guide you to set up your projects. Then think about what your target customers are looking for to avoid abstract or generic terms.

The ideal is to find names that relate to the market niche you want to conquer. You will have plenty of time to change your business name as your business grows to attract international customers. On the other hand, if you want to change your product or service, do not describe your business name.

How do I know if a company name already exists?

The best way to be sure of the availability of your name with a corporate name or trade name is to consult the database of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) for free. In the SIRENE database of INSEE as well as national registration of trade and company.

For further confirmation, it is recommended to complete this search with an in-depth search (search for spelling, phonetic and intellectual match) on brand and company names. This can be done online at the INPI website.

Choose simplicity

Many businesses struggle to build a customer base because of an unexpected name. Unusually, this choice begins with a good deal of attention from partners, such as trying to attract customers with a real name and stand out from its competitors.

But many companies eventually had to change the name of the company because the consumer did not necessarily understand the company’s preferences and area.

Originality and simplicity are key words when choosing a name for your business. It is best to choose short words that indicate your activity

Name Generator (How to invent a name?)

A business name or brand name generator is a computer tool that will use artificial intelligence to suggest names for your next business idea. The generator will suggest a unique name and also suggest business name ideas related to the category you choose.

Of course, you have to think for yourself beforehand because the more prepared you are before creating a business name, the better the results will be.

Registering your business name: Required steps

When you start a business, your business must have a name. Once you’ve found the name, it’s important to register your business name.

Brand filing file

Trademark registration with INPI is an important moment in creating a trade name in the development of a company. Brand image is a very important element in maintaining the identity of a product. This allows your business to create an image of trust with your customers.

Also, your trademark registration protects you from fraud, protects your domain name … all thanks to a specific approach to fighting fraud, which is easier to implement than an unfair competition approach.

To be registered, the trademark must be:

  • Be free (see availability of names);
  • Be unique (the sign must be nominated by your company and not others);
  • Be Legal (No Regulated Title)
  • No need to be against good morals (no offensive conditions …)

The mark must not be misleading, meaning it will not confuse customers about the quality of the particular product.

It must not be descriptive of the designated product or service and ultimately it must not repeat the essential features of the product, or use a generic name that would allow it to be designated (e.g. “water” brand cannot be filed for water designation) ).

Examination of files by INPI

Once your file has been sent, INPI will study it to make sure your brand name is within the rules. It is possible that INPI will ask you for different explanations. In this case, INPI does not contradict the precedence of your mark.

If INPI verifies your file, your trademark will be registered with BOPI and you will receive a registration certificate.

How much does it cost to file a business name?

The cost of filing a company name depends on the number of classes you have requested to register with INPI. Pay 190 190 for a class then pay 42 42 per extra class.

On average, it costs 210 to file a business name with INPI. For protection on an international scale, an additional budget of approximately € 250 is required.

In the case of preserving a domain name, the cost may vary from a few euros to a few tens of euros depending on the provider.

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