How to save e-juice? – Best tips for e-juice storage

How to save e-liquid? – Best tips for e-juice storage

E-liquid has a good shelf life, but since it contains organic matter like nicotine, VG (vegetable glycerin), and PG (propylene glycol), it can be bad if not stored properly.

As the e-liquid deteriorates, you may notice a change in taste and smell. Primarily, you will notice a big difference in e-liquid quality. But with proper e-juice storage that we will discuss in this article, it will help you to maintain the maximum potential of your e-liquid.

E-Juice Storage – Is E-Liquid Harmful?

Would you like to know how to save steam juice? If you want to enjoy the highest quality and lifetime potential of your e-liquids, keep them safe from heat, light and wind. Exposure to these three can easily ruin your juices. The following e-juice storage ideas will help you keep your e-liquid fresh.


Heat can break down any juice component. Always store your juice in a cool and dry place, it will ensure the taste and quality longevity of your juice.

Never leave your juice in your car, especially on a sunny day because heat can cook VG and PG molecules which can destroy e-liquid, reducing its strength and quality.

The light

Light can cause e-liquid decay, breaking down organic matter like nicotine. The breakdown of nicotine has been observed since the e-liquid color change. Always store in a cool place, dark place like a cupboard or any confined space with stable temperature.

The wind

Air causes oxidation, and it is not good. During oxidation, organic matter such as VG, PG and nicotine are affected. These effects can be noticed as the taste and texture of e-liquid is different and not as enjoyable as before. Use a vapor juice storage box to store your e-liquid and make sure that the cap of the e-liquid bottle is tightly protected after filling each unit.

How to save vap juice?

You can be sure that your e-liquid is fresh and you can enjoy its taste and aroma just by storing it properly in the liquid storage container.

Short-term vs. long-term e-juice storage

Avoid heat, humidity, light and wind, this is the general rule to keep your e-juice fresh. Short-term vape juice storage is usually less than 2 months, which can be further classified as long-term storage.

For effective vapor juice storage, always choose a cool, dry and dark place, it makes all the difference. It is also helpful to use a plastic container or vapor juice storage box. Finally, store your e-liquid in the basement or in the coolest place in your home. And, don’t forget to remove the access from your e-liquid bottle after using it.

Follow these e-juice storage tips and you will never feel foul-testing e-liquid again.

Many vape enthusiasts prefer to stock up on those rainy days. If you want to store your e-liquid for more than 2 months and up to 6 months, you may need more than a drawer.

Tinted glass e-liquid bottles work great. They are resistant to light and heat. Stained glass bottles are not only cheap but also great value in the long run. You can use these bottles for short term and long term storage.

However, if you want to keep your e-liquid fresh for more than 6 months, the back of your fridge is an effective e-juice storage space. Just make sure the bottles are tightly closed and stored in a vapor juice storage box.

Where to store e-liquid? – Is a fridge or freezer a good idea?

Storing e-liquids in the refrigerator or freezer is a great way to store your e-juice.

The freezing of your e-liquid prevents light and air from coming in contact with the e-juice. And so organic matter like nicotine is preserved. However, this applies to long-term storage. For short-term e-juice storage, a fridge is good. Does vegetable glycerin freeze? Yes, but you need -38 সেল C to freeze vegetable glycerin molecules and -59 সেল C to freeze propylene glycol molecules.

Plastic or glassware? – Which one should you choose for e-liquid?

Glassware is simply effective and exquisite, always looks great on a shelf. While glass containers have advantages, they have some limitations when compared to plastic containers.

Plastic containers are easier and more convenient to carry, especially if you carry your e-juice in your pocket.

Let’s compare both glass and plastic e-liquid bottles and find out which one suits your needs:

  • Safety: It is not surprising that glass bottles can break and cause injury. In comparison, plastic bottles (LDPE and PET) are safer.
  • Reuse: Glass bottles are hard to beat when reused. Glass bottles are easy to clean and ready for reuse. However, the plastic bottle is perforated, so the e-juice sticks to the bottle.
  • Taste: E-juice usually smells better in glass containers than in plastic bottles. However, high quality PET or PP e-liquid bottles will also work well for storing vapor juice, without affecting its taste or aroma.
  • Recycling: Glass containers can be recycled multiple times. However, recycling plastic more than once may not be appropriate because the plastic breaks down during recycling.

If you are looking for wholesale high-quality plastic e-juice bottles, Nexeem manufactures and offers a wide range of such products.

Vap Juice Storage – How to keep your kids and pets safe?

It is important to keep VAP products in a safe place, especially if you have children or pets in your home. You must store your VAP products in a place that is not accessible to children and pets. So e-juice storage is essential, get a vap juice storage box, it is very simple and practical.

You can also use e-liquid bottles with a childproof cap and make sure there is no spillage so your pet can’t lick it.

Finally, dispose of the cartridges properly and avoid steaming where there is food.

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