Hull has been declared the co-operative capital of the United Kingdom

East Yorkshire has been placed on the business map of Hull as the best place to collaborate in the UK with an innovative new initiative to help employees pursue their dream careers without compromising on connections, culture, or cost of living.

Absolutely new and unique Work is work happiness The initiative was officially launched yesterday and will connect employees with local businesses who offer co-working spaces. Access to these diverse and accessible locations, including some of the best high-speed broadband in the country, will position the city as a hub for remote work in the UK – and retain the best professional talent in the area.

Emma Hardy, MP for West Hull and Hessel, is one of the main supporters of the movement. He said: “One should not feel compelled to leave the place of one’s choice to get the job of one’s choice, and the launch of this project will help put Hull on the map as the co-operative capital of the UK.

“Hull is the best place in the UK for remote work. Its amazing reputation as the best-connected city outside of London makes it an ideal location for start-ups, graduates and experienced professionals. From the low cost of living to an amazing cultural scene, working from afar provides an amazing quality of life as well as continuing your career anywhere.

“Co-workers offer a lot of benefits to employees beyond pay, including supporting mental well-being, building new business connections as well as developing professionally. Being able to work remotely for any company while enjoying the wonderful life that can be enjoyed in Hull.” This will put the city at the forefront of modern work. ”

The Work is work happiness The initiative was launched through a special event at the former HSBC Bank in Central Hall, a recent renovation by local company The 55 Group. The launch saw speeches by founders and key supporters of the initiative, attended by key business VIPs from across the region. The space is one of many buildings in the city that will host co-workplaces for individuals and businesses.

The unique initiative connects home-based workers to local businesses, providing an affordable space to work productively. The ‘work from home’ culture raises concerns for mental and physical health, co-working supports mental well-being as well as enables employees to build new business connections, network and continue their professional development.

Gerard Topplus, group executive chairman of The 55 Group, said: “Some say the end of the line, but we know it’s just the beginning. How, why and where we work – the epidemic changes everything – and people can enjoy a better quality of life by co-operating.

“Distance work opportunities can bring high quality jobs to areas of the UK where they were not previously available, boost the local economy, retain the best talent and provide excellent quality of life for people.”

Businesses and organizations that have pledged their support to date include Holbid, Prince Coy, Moodbeam, C4DI, Garnes Jones, Quickline, Hammonds of Hull, Public First, Hull What’s On and Northern Powerhouse.

Speaking at the official launch, Rachel Reeves, shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and MP for Leeds West, said: “I am delighted to be attending the official inauguration. Work Hull Work Happy, This marks the beginning of an exciting venture. Cities like Hull show the exciting potential for growth so we can build a strong economy across all parts of the UK. “

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