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Alpha is looking for a stock research platform. What does that mean? It is basically a large community of enthusiastic investors who are aware of the industry. Alpha Search allows these investors to come together, share insights, knowledge and their own stock analysis.

It’s a place where investors go to discuss, debate and hopefully gain valuable knowledge that enhances their skills (and hopefully helps them make better decisions). It sounds kind of uncontrollable and anyone can say something, so is it okay to look for alpha? Find out.

Looking for alpha? – A review

Alpha Search considers itself the largest investor community. All investors, from amateurs to professionals can consider what is happening and give their opinion.

Alpha Search can be used by everyone, but the software is not for the faint of heart. There will be a learning curve if you are not experienced. When we compare Seeking Alpha to the choice of motley flowers, for example, the latter is a much better option for beginners. However, there are many educational resources for finding alpha that would be sad to pass.

This is a largely free service, but of course, the additional benefits come with a paid subscription, as it does with most financial services.

Looking for alpha subscriptions

Speaking of membership, Seeking Alpha has three basic, premium and pro plans. As you might have guessed, the basic option is free, but it provides less analytical tools. Premium is the most popular option and will cost you $ 19.99 per month Then you have the most expensive pro plan, which is বিল 199.99 if billed annually, which is a great discount compared to the $ 299.99 monthly billing option.

What will you go for? It depends on what you need. The Basic Plan has limited features, but if you want to follow authors and read new articles, read and post blogs and comments, see some quant ratings and manage most of your portfolio, this is good enough.

Premium is where things with extra features like stock screeners become a little more serious. Pro is where users get unlimited access to its features by unlocking all the features of the platform.

Looking for alpha is it worth it?

So, is that right for you? We are going to help you decide which plan is best for you.

Get the Basic Plan if you are just going to invest and you want to see and test what different platforms can offer you without financial commitment.

The premium plan is great for intermediate investors who know the basics but want to get more out of the platform. You want to further manage your profile and aim for the long term or retirement that you are striving for. You want help with research and educational tools that allow you to achieve this. If this sounds like you, then Premium is for you.

For pro plan, well, the name suggests for whom – professionals You get full exclusive access to the features of the platform as well as get treated like a VIP.

How reliable is Alpha Search?

The best way to see if a platform is reliable is to analyze its past performance. Keep in mind that although a platform is now reliable, this does not mean that it will last year after year. Performance can fluctuate, but that’s the overall percentage we want to see.

Historically, Seeking Alpha has been a highly reliable investment research platform. When compared to something conservative like the S&P 500, which is a recommendation for long-term growth without high risk.

Yes, finding alpha is reliable even when we compare it to a stable ETF. Not to mention, their more “bullish” stocks have made excellent returns.

Don’t take our word for it, just check out this user reviews below. Just keep in mind that no matter how high the rate of a platform is on review sites, there are bound to be some negative reviews.

“As a new investor in the US market. This is a great place for stock information and research. Their podcast is a helpful” tool to improve your knowledge “. – Engi Ghee c.

“Overall, a good experience. The analysis and reasoning of others was the most helpful field for buying certain stocks. Although the quality varies greatly, some analyzes are of a very high level and are largely useless, while others are in depth and provide a well thought out / research thesis. ” Sterling R.

“I’ve been following a lot of writers over the years looking for alpha. I recently became a premium member and use the information every day. It gives me a perspective on the stock with different opinions from different authors which I find very useful when evaluating buying a new position. “- David R.

“The interface is tough, and I like different opinions from the authors. Lots of ideas and intelligent articles.”

Josh Ahrens

“I like the Seeking Alpha app. It’s my go-to source for financial news. This is an app I will miss the most if I can’t access it. I became a premium member a year ago because the service provides growing insights. I highly recommend SeekingAlpha. ” Scott H. Zucker

The latest thought

Finding alpha regardless of your level of experience is definitely something to test. The platform offers you a completely free plan to browse and see what Seeking Alpha could potentially offer you. In addition, Seeking Alpha offers annual discounts and free trials for their paid plans. See more information here.

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