Is Morningstar Premium worth it?

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  • Limited free version

  • Excellent basic version
  • X-rays can analyze resources within your portfolio

Anyone related to stock investing or financial mutual funds has come across the Morningstar application at least once. It is a reputed company that provides insights, information and analysis on various types of personal stock performance, the sector as a whole and mutual funds.

Morningstar provides basic information about this entity for free, but users will need to sign up for a Morningstar Premium account (which is a paid subscription) for a detailed analysis. We’re going to discuss whether the Morningstar Premium subscription is worth the investment. Before we move on, let’s talk about some basic things about a company.

What is Morningstar?

Morningstar is an investment firm that has been working in the industry for the past 35 years. In 2018 it had assets worth $ 201 billion and recently it has shown remarkable progress. Today, it works with thousands of users and beneficiaries worldwide in more than 27 countries.

How does Morningstar Premium work?

The biggest challenge for most people regarding investment is the complex information of personal and mutual funds. Fortunately, the Morningstar Premium account simplifies this complex information.

It has a five-star rating system that evaluates each stock and investment opportunity separately. To get in-depth information about these investment opportunities you need to get a paid subscription.

Key Features / Selling Points

Morningstar Premium has many additional features for users who need investment support. Below are some of the most interesting features of the Morningstar Premium subscription

Portfolio X-ray

It is difficult to keep track of the company’s portfolios and compare these portfolios. Fortunately, Morningstar Premium helps build a balanced portfolio by helping users determine their asset allocation using SEC quarterly reports separately from each stock. Users can modify the course to avoid any unwanted damage in this situation. Portfolio X-ray features use a variety of factors and tools to determine this. Here are some of the most important ones:

Fund Screeners

The Fund Screeners feature allows users to filter and search stocks and investment opportunities separately using performance, ratings and categories as key factors. The Morningstar Premium feature allows users to perform these screenings, which include risk, Morningstar rating, durability and overall yield of stock or funds.

The feature allows users to rate analyst grades and narrow down their preferences using that information. All of this information can help you make informed financial decisions.

Portfolio Manager

The portfolio manager feature lets users take an overview of the market and their current financial strategy. You can use it to change your approach and to modify your investment plan. It allows users to create a list of potential opportunities and keep them under observation for extensive development.

This general feature makes it easy for investors to decide which stocks or investments should be flushed or accumulated more money.

Investment planning

Morningstar’s investment planning division can help users plan to conduct detailed market research. It provides users with a starting point with the analysis of more than 200 professionals. There are several categories that users can explore. Some of them include the following:

The Morningstar premium platform also offers a list of five-star stocks for users wishing to bargain for stocks, avoiding the hassle of going through SEC filings and repeated quarterly reports.

Morningstar App Store app

IPhone users are more advanced than other users because they can download the Morningstar app for free from the App Store. This gives easy access to the investment overview. That said, this app does not contain in-depth information that users can find on the website.

The app has a 4.3-star rating which makes it a popular platform for App Store users.

Morningstar: Better than Motley Flower and Seeking Alpha?

While there are advantages and disadvantages to each application for online investors, you should know why Morningstar is a better option for investors than others like Motley Flower and Seeking Alpha. Let’s do a comparative analysis of their advantages and disadvantages.

Motley flowers

Motley Fool is a platform like Morningstar but nowhere near that in terms of deep research options. It is a good platform for users who are willing to invest in a single stock, but it does not provide detailed information for other funds.

The platform may have several highlights like Best Buy Now and Starter Stock, but its features are not comparable to Morningstar’s wide range of options.


  • Proven return track record
  • Higher returns on stock advisors and rule breakers than on other S&P 500’s
  • Multiple options for long-term and leisure investors


  • Expensive
  • More details and information are required to sign up
  • Lack of some explanatory details

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Looking for alpha

Alpha Search is another platform that helps investors make financial decisions. The downside is that there aren’t enough benefits to investing in a premium account. This makes Morningstar a better alternative than Alpha.


  • Unlimited articles with investment ideas
  • Wall Street Analyst and Author Ratings
  • Ability to track personal portfolio performance


  • High cost for casual investors (especially if you get pro plan)
  • Minimum mutual fund coverage
  • Don’t invest for yourself like Robo-Advisors

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Morningstar Premium Is It Worth It?

Morningstar Premium is worth the investment because it comes with convenient features like:

  • App Store application
  • Investment planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Fund Screeners
  • Portfolio X-ray

Learn more about Morningstar and how it can help investors make better decisions.

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