Labor to force emergency vote on workers’ rights after dismissal of P&O ferry

After dismissing more than 800 P&O workers at the scene, the government will force an emergency vote in parliament to demand action to make the so-called fires and workers’ rehabilitation illegal.

The group said reports suggest that the government was aware before announcing their dismissal, as well as plans to use “exploitative” practices to hire cheap workers.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Unions have demanded that the transfer crew be paid less than the minimum wage.

‘A line in the sand’

Lewis High, the shadow transport secretary, described the dismissal as “a line of sand” before Monday’s vote in parliament.

Until the issue is resolved, P&O owners will call on the Labor government to suspend the contract with DP World and remove it from the Transport Advisory Group.

Mrs High said: “Labor will fight every step of the way for the employment and livelihood of these loyal workers.

“This scandalous act must be a line in the sand. If P&O ferries can get rid of it, it will give the green light to other exploitative employers

“It simply came to our notice then.

“A labor government will strengthen the protection of workers and ban fires and re-employ people to give them the protection they deserve for an honest day’s work.

“On Monday, Tory MPs must join the Labor Party and vote for a ban on brutal fire and rehabilitation for the better. They have to decide which way they want to go – Britain’s loyalists or billionaires are squabbling over rights. “

The Department of Transportation said: “Ministers and officials have expressed their frustration and frustration at the P&O Ferry over their decision and the handling of their announcement and are closely considering the department’s relationship with the company.

“The transport secretary has instructed the government to thoroughly examine any agreement with P&O Ferry and DP World, and the department is working closely with the unions, labor and pension departments and industry bodies to ensure that workers are supported and signed. The most relevant support.

“We have serious concerns that their management has not followed proper and legal procedures, and strongly urge P&O Ferries to stop the announced changes and speak to staff to repair the damage caused.”

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