Lord Agnew Covid accuses Treasury of complacency over debt fraud

The minister, who has resigned over the government’s handling of the multi-billion-pound loss of criminals in the epidemic loan project, has criticized the top civilian employee of the Treasury for complaining about fraud and failing to acknowledge mistakes by his department.

Olton’s Lord Agnew told lawmakers in the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee that Sir Tom Schuler, the Treasury’s permanent secretary, “embodies everything about the complacency that grips the civil service” when he testifies to the government’s alleged failure to bounce back. The loan project back yesterday.

Agnew, 61, resigned as Treasury and Cabinet Office Minister in January, claiming he had made a “decently inadequate” effort to stop taxpayers from stealing money from the scheme, which provided 1. 1.6 million in emergency loans worth a total of .4 47.4 billion.

Official estimates say 17 17 billion will never be repaid, as much as বিল 5 billion is thought to have been stolen. The loans are underwritten by the taxpayer, so that the banks can claim on the state to cover their losses.

Agnew said a small counter-fraud team in the cabinet office was “shut down” when the scheme was created and the treasury was not transparent, turning to the PwC for advice instead of the cabinet office. “Why didn’t he go to the doorsteps of people who understood deception in all its manifestations?”

The government was warned by its own British business bank that the scheme would expose taxpayers to significant fraud.

In a letter to the Treasury Committee last week, Scholar said the National Investigation Service had arrested 49 people in connection with the alleged fraud in the project. He added that a “higher than normal” degree of fraud and error was inevitable because such schemes involved paying large sums of money “as soon as possible”.

Agnew said it does not wash away the excuse of wholesale anti-fraud failure.

The Treasury said last night: “Fraud is completely unacceptable, and we are taking action on multiple fronts to bring anyone who wants to use our schemes and bring them to justice.”

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