My veterinary medicine and medical device “BIS” is welcome

Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) will list Bioscience Animal Health PCL, a manufacturer and distributor that provides a complete array of veterinary medicines and medical equipment, on May 5, under the ticker symbol “BIS”.

The company’s initial public offering (IPO) has a market capitalization of 1.88 billion THB (approximately USD 55.32 million).

MySpace president Prapan Charoenpravat said BIS would list the service industry group and start business on MySpace.

BIS and its affiliates manufacture, import and distribute pharmaceuticals, tools,
Equipment and products, including a variety of products such as veterinary medicines, food additives for animals and pets, and raw materials, with the approval or registration of the relevant agency.

The company imports products from leading distributors in 13 countries, such as the United States, France, the Netherlands and China. Currently, BIS distributes more than 470 products in 6 segments and the revenue ratio for 2021 was as under:

1) Animal health products 27 percent,

2) 17 percent of animal nutrition products,

3) Veterinary diagnostic products at 22 percent,

4) Feeding ingredients at 15 percent,

5) 18 percent of complete feed, and

6) 1 percent on other products.

Livestock-related customers include feed mills, integrated farms, farms and agents,
Pet-related customers include veterinary hospitals and clinics, pet stores and modern businesses. BIS distributes products under the brand of Business Partners, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products and products manufactured under the company’s own brand, the revenue ratio for 2021 is 81: 17: 2, respectively.

BIS has a registered paid-up capital of 157 million THB, including 220 million existing ordinary shares and 94 million newly issued shares, each valued at 0.50 THB.

The company has offered 70.5 million newly issued shares to individuals, 14.1 million shares to its patrons and 9.4 million shares to associates and employees at a total value of 564 million THB between 20-22 and 2022, each at a price of 6 THB, at the discretion of the underwriters. . The IPO price is equivalent to a price-to-earnings (P / E) ratio of 27.45 times.

Earnings per share is equal to 0.22 THB, which is calculated from the company’s net profit of 68.63 million THB in the last four quarters (January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021) divided by the fully mixed shares. Maybank Securities (Thailand) is PCL’s financial advisor and chief underwriter.

BIS CEO Dhanwat Khongjaroyansombat says BIS is focused on
Selecting and presenting good quality and diverse products from leading manufacturers worldwide.

The founders and executives have been experienced veterinarians with expertise in this business for over 18 years, with the ability to understand and respond to customer benefits and needs.

In addition, the company supports innovation in addition to providing customers with maximum benefits, quality of animal life and efficient and quality research and development (R&D) for end consumers.

The funds raised will be used for financial institution loan repayment, factory expansion, equipment investment, research and development of commercial vaccines for commercial purposes and as working capital.

After the IPO, the major shareholders of BIS are BIS Group Holding Co., Ltd. (33.03)
Percent) and Dhanwat Khongjaroensombat (8.87 percent). The company’s dividend policy is to pay less than 30 percent of the net profit from the combined and separate financial statements after corporate income tax and all types of reserves.

mai News: Mai May 5 welcomes veterinary medicine and medical device “BIS”

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