OMMG founder and CEO Faisal Nahabu received £ 50m + offer for unique construction overnight

Faisal Nahabu, a visionary businessman and founder of OMMG (Overnight Multiple Merger Group), has received over £ 50 million in offers from large private equity firms to build another pioneering business, using the ground-breaking Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM) famous business model.

Entrepreneur Faisal Nahabu has received over £ 50 million in offers from a private equity investor to build a new business based on his Ground Breaking Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM).

His company OMMG (Overnight Multiple Merger Group) and still undisclosed private equity investors are reportedly in agreement with the terms currently being drawn.

Although details are currently unavailable due to commercial confidentiality, it will be Nahabu’s fourth OMMM and is expected to have a turnover of over £ 100 million by the end of this year.

The Nahabur Overnight Multiple Merger model facilitates the consolidation of a large number of successful individual companies in record time, increasing value and profitability in the saturated and fragmented industries such as pharmacy, accountancy and care home.

OMMM offers low-risk, and high PAT (profit after tax). Nahabu’s first OMMM 122-accountancy firm merger, Xeinadin, was formed on June 1, 2019.

After a process spanning just 256 working days, equity partners have not only received significant pay-outs in private equity investments but have also seen three times the value of the business valuation industry.

Recently, according to a report in the Irish Times, Xeinadin has announced a highly profitable private equity investment by Exponent, which has raised the value of Xeinadin to over £ 300 million — a wonderful achievement, considering how many years they have been operating.

Nahabur’s Second OMMM, Alitam – 100-Plus Pharmacy Group with Multi-Billion Pound Vision to Be ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ – formed in November 2019

It is helping to provide a first-of-its-kind national preventive healthcare system by offering a wide range of clinical service installations and already boasts a turnover of over £ 110 million.

Its third OMMM, the Merios – amalgamation of more than 35 high-quality care home groups – has a mandate to enhance the sector by leveraging the latest technology and incorporating best-practices across the group.

Merios is currently under construction and plans a মূল্য 100 million-plus turnover, £ 25 million EBITDA and a business valuation of over £ 250 million by the end of this year.

Nahabu says that after the success of Zenadin, traders and investors are flocking to OMMM because it offers significant advantages over the traditional franchise model.

He says: “Since the announcement of the Xenadine-Exponent, I have been fascinated by the construction of the fourth and fifth OMMs.

“In fact, I have a serious offer to build a fourth £ 100 million-plus turnover OMMM firm by the end of 2022. We hope that it will achieve the EBITDA value of mouth water by competing with what I have achieved with Xeinadin.

“I cannot disclose the details of the investor, the industry or our approach – OMMMs are always built in complete secrecy until the consolidation, or the process is fairly advanced.

“Every single Xeinadin equity partner has to sign a non-disclosure agreement, for example, to defend innovative strategies.

“But I can tell you that people are jumping on the bandwagon because of its unique advantages.

“OMMM allows for such a level of innovation and cross-fertilization, say, not possible with a franchise prototype. It offers high profits from the start, with minimal set up costs and no debt on consolidation.

“And it offers outstanding returns. After entering into the merger, OMMM is able to double or triple the value of all business subsidiaries as they build a larger platform in a saturated and fragmented market.

“Highly skilled operators run the business from scratch, and there is a built-in community that encourages vital peer-to-peer learning, cross-fertilization of ideas and rapid implementation of new technologies and service lines.

“On the other hand, franchisees are often start-ups that make no profit or worse, they are already in debt. They may need a head office before, which costs significantly more than an OMMM

“And, when a franchisee enters their model and starts planning for the price, it can take many years to create.

“Importantly, they are less likely to interact with other franchises on a regular basis. They are usually run by the head office, which cannot pass important knowledge. They cannot benefit from the business benefits of the community, or the knowledge bank created by peers, which is the lifeblood of OMMM.

“Exponential investment in Xeinadin is a ringing endorsement of my OMMM, and instance-changing businesses give birth to it.”

It is clear that after 20 years of pioneering accountancy practice that has driven the standard, Nahabu enjoys an enviable reputation for his honesty and the bravery of his approach.

He is known for his honesty and integrity in the business sector, and for his ability to ‘hoard’ and engage large groups of independent companies in record time অত্যন্ত the most enticing qualities in the world in which he works.

Simply put, strangers trust her and she always tries to deliver more, as she did with Jinadin.

Nahabu added: “I go through everything with forensic eyes to find out the details, which builds great confidence among investors from the beginning.

“I carefully develop thought-provoking strategies, so that no matter how groundbreaking the vision, the foundations are incredibly strong.

“I like to build momentum and solidarity, a shared set of values ​​and a shared culture — all of which are critical to the success of any business, especially at a pace.

“Investors tell me that this route is a ‘no-brainer’, an alternative to the normal approach that burns slowly, involving high risk.

“Through this fourth model, I am confident that we will build new foundations and contribute to overall growth and confidence in the UK economy.”

More details of the fourth and fifth OMMM will be released later this year.

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