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Human interaction is always good, isn’t it? Human financial advisors are often sought for expert knowledge about investment portfolios. In recent decades, technology has advanced enough to bring us Robo-Advisor, AI that works on algorithms for investment advice.

Which is better? This is the final question.

Good for Robo-Advisor: Good for human advisors:
Automated investment strategies Brings human elements
Low cost Find the answer to the question
Hands off investors Hand-in-hand investors
Profile optimization without errors Further personalization

We are going to compare the better human advisors of reliable financial institutions like banks with the Robo-advisors of Betterment and M1 Finance. Yes, that’s right. The two companies that we used to fight against each other are now partnering and fighting people.

Betterment and M1 Finance Robo-Advisor VS Broker – Determining Factor

The winner of the Robo-Advisor VS Human Adviser contest is personal because everyone is looking for something different. While some may prefer the simplicity of Robo-Advisor and its automation, others need a more humane touch. So, what is the determining factor?

Factor 1: Fee

Let’s start with the fees because many of them are concerned. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Sometimes there’s just no chemistry, no proper communication, or a mutual understanding, and that’s okay. Just go to someone else, or you can try your hand at a robo-advisor, which is usually much less expensive and even free with your chosen platform.

A financial advisor can command from a couple up to several hundred dollars per hour, depending on experience. These are some crazy prices! Betterment charges $ 0 for starting an account with them and the annual fee for an investment account is only 0.25%. For the interest on your cash balance, it is about 0.10%, which is not too bad.

Betterment Robo-Advisor also gives you the option to set up a goal-oriented account, which can help you adjust your portfolio somewhat to reflect your goals and risk tolerance.

M1 Finance also has low fees, helpful tools and strategies. The minimum account for M1 Finance is only $ 100, and you get account insurance, and your investment transaction is commission-free! However, there is a $ 125 annual fee for the M1 Plus and a fee for some services such as mutual fund sales.

Factor 2: Investment Strategies and Features

What can a human advisor do for you when it comes to investing strategies? Almost anything! Yes, people can sympathize with your financial hardship, which is definitely a pro. However, Robo-Advisors in M1 Finance and Betterment are great for everyday people who want to take a more hands-off and passive investment approach.

M1 Finance has automated portfolio investments like Betterment, which really reduces the number of headaches you do as a result of research. This is not to say that you should not persevere, but that helping Robo-advisors is a plus.

What we really like about Betterment and M1 Finance’s Robo-Advisors is the Tax Loss Harvesting feature. This feature is used to balance your tax loss with profit in other cases. Robo-advisors can do this quickly and automatically, more than we can say for human brokers.

With M1 Finance and Betterment Robo-Advisors, you can still design your own portfolio as you would with human advisors, but you don’t have to rely on banks and providers to do this.

Factor 3: Support and assistance

Human advisors are more effective when you have a lot of questions, or if you have a special situation that requires immediate adjustment to your profile. However, can you be sure that the other person always has your best interests at heart, or that everyone is just trying to find out for themselves?

The thing you can answer is that AI Robo-Advisors does not want to get you and they provide neutral options, advice and suggestions to help you. They may not be able to handle or understand complex requests, but they are always accessible.

You might think that the algorithms and equations that AI advisors use to calculate can also be done by humans. While you are right, the margin of human error is much higher than that of Robo-advisors like M1 Finance and Betterment. Not to mention, they’re faster.

If you are really looking for a set-it-and-forget-it option, we think there is no better resource than Robo-Advisor. This type of investment strategy is also very useful for many newcomers, which is another reason why AI advisors are so popular.

Final takeaway

The winner will be Robo-Advisor by Longshot. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you view it), you don’t have to choose between the two. Many human counselors also now enlist the help of AI to enable them to execute their services faster and more accurately.

It just makes us think that if we can get closer to the same services by choosing Robo-Advisors then why do we have to spend hundreds of dollars? Click on M1 Finance Or Improvement To find out how you can start saving more money.

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