SET, BOT and OVEC jointly promote financial and entrepreneurial knowledge

The Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Stock Exchange (SET) of Thailand to promote knowledge about capital markets and social and environmental sustainability, and another Memorandum of Understanding with the Bank of Thailand (BOT). ) To promote financial literacy.

Collaborating with shared values ​​aims to create financial immunity for vocational students and staff, and to provide entrepreneurial practical knowledge for students to become quality workers who are ready to enter the job market and ultimately benefit the country’s economic development.

The project is expected to cover a target group of more than one million people.

OVEC Secretary-General Suthep Kayengsanthia said the signing of the MoU was aimed at continuing to expand cooperation in promoting financial literacy through Finn.

Dee we can !!! The Season 4 project is a financial knowledge competition designed to encourage teachers to develop “learning innovations”, and allows students to think and start projects that apply financial knowledge in their daily lives and expand into business development.

SET has also expanded its collaboration with SET for projects to enhance financial and business knowledge for vocational workers to enhance the basic entrepreneurial skills required by creating e-learning media to promote financial knowledge through e-learning. System in Finance and Entrepreneurship Courses.

Vocational students will benefit from this collaboration which will sharpen their financial skills and increase the potential of Thai youth to be a quality and important workforce for further development of the country.

Sorafool ​​Tulaysathien, Senior Executive Vice President of SET, said that SET is committed to the development of capital markets for the benefit of all sectors. One mission that SET has consistently prioritized for more than 20 years is to promote knowledge and skills in financial planning for life security.

“SET is confident that more than 20 e-learning courses include financial,
Investment and Entrepreneurship Course developed by SET for Vocational
Through SET e-learning, both Vocational Certificate and Higher Vocational Certificate will be a learning platform for new generation of students and staff related to business and entrepreneurial subject education, a means of imparting knowledge to students and teachers in a convenient and efficient manner. . This is a measure of partnership to create quality workers for the community, “said Sorafol.

BOT Deputy Governor Vachira Aromadi said that in addition to the Memorandum of Understanding, three institutions: OVEC, SET and BOT would launch “e-learning courses on financial knowledge for vocational students”.

BOT has launched “Finn”. What can we do !!! The Season 4 ”project, which has been working in partnership with OVEC since 2018, invites students to submit their project to demonstrate and promote financial knowledge.

Selected work segments will be awarded certificates and cash along with respectable banners for their organization. The application will be opened in mid-May.

Over the years, SET has continued to collaborate with education
Institutions across the country. Since 2004, more than 500,000 students have gained knowledge about finance and investment and entrepreneurship through various activities and projects, such as entrepreneurial classrooms, especially in the form of capital market content and practical entrepreneurial content for each institution’s curriculum.

SET News: SET, BOT and OVEC jointly promote financial and entrepreneurial knowledge of vocational students and staff.

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