TAT Announces New Natural Sankran 2022 Festival

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is hosting ‘Amazing Sankran 2022 Celebrations’ at 10 temples in Bangkok and ‘Sankran Music Heritage Festival 2022’ in Ayutthaya and Songkhla, as well as supporting other Sankran festivals in Bangkok, Chiang and Chiang. Samut Prakan.

One of the largest and most important annual festivals in Thailand, Sankran is a religious festival in its purest form, full of Buddhist and Brahmin traditions. Marking the end of a 12-month cycle when the sun goes down in April and traditionally there was a gap between rice harvesting and planting, Thailand’s Sokkran is officially celebrated on April 13-15 as a three-day national holiday, although the celebrations may go on longer – in some places one Until the week.

“The Royal Thai Government has approved the Songkran 2022 Festival to promote universal resistance and COVID-free setting guidelines and to highlight the traditional and cultural aspects of the festival. For example, TAT emphasizes respecting the centuries-old origins and traditions of the Thai New Year, a time when families come first, elders are honored, and people visit temples to take part in ancient ceremonies. “

Mr. Uthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor

This year, all Sokkran festivals organized or supported by TAT will be held in accordance with the Universal Prevention Guidelines against COVID-19. All participants were asked to adhere strictly to these rules, including being fully vaccinated with an approved COVID-19 vaccine, or showing negative test results using an antigen test kit that lasted no longer than 72 hours.

Sankran 2022 Festival organized by TAT

‘Amazing Sankraan 2022 Celebrations’ at 10 Temples in Bangkok April 9-17

TAT has scheduled 10 temples in Bangkok’s old quarters to celebrate the Thai New Year’s century-old origins and traditional festivals that honor the tradition; E.g. Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Wat Rakang, Wat Suthat, Wat Kalyanmit, Wat Prayun, Wat Ratchanatdaram, Wat Mahathat, Wat Saket (Fu Khao Thong), and Watt Rachabofit.

Throughout the nine days, visitors are invited to take part in the first phase of the Thai New Year Song name Fra Capture moments of activity, and a special photo corner and augmented reality (AR) spot, as well as enjoy lucky draws and collect souvenirs.

Especially on April 13-15, TAT has organized a special festival What’s the matter And Watt Rachabofit, Including traditional culture and performance; E.g., Kill Masked dances, Thai-style antiphone songs, and Thai puppet shows, as well as exhibits of authentic Thai dessert making and fruit carving.

‘Sankran Music Heritage Festival 2022’ April 12-21, in Ayutthaya and Songkhla

TAT has chosen Ayutthaya Wat Fra Ram and the old town of Songkhla as the venues for ‘Sankran Music Heritage 2022’ to raise local and international awareness of the historical and cultural significance of both places. Festivals in both places will present entertaining elements of the modern day as well as honor the centuries-old culture and traditions of Sokran.

Ayutthaya Wat Fra Ram ATAT has organized many old-fashioned ceremonies and celebrations, including Song name Fra Activity, ready Chedi Sai Or sand dunes, an exhibition of unique handicraft products for the province; E.g., weaving Pla-ta-pian Fish Mobile (symbol of good health and prosperity), and traditional culture and performance; E.g., Kill Mask dance and Like Thai Opera Theater. It will also sell handicraft products and famous food fairs in and around Ayutthaya.

The temple itself will be decorated in the traditional Sankra environment, and will have two unique symbols of the province – the elephant and Pla-ta-pian Fish – creatively different shapes and sizes; E.g. Pla-ta-pian Fish mobile tunnels, bamboo elephants, and ‘No. ChuenzaiPla-ta-pian Archaeological remains near the fish mascot will be brightly illuminated.

In the old town of SonkhlaTAT has also organized many old-fashioned ceremonies and celebrations, including Song name Fra Activity, ready Chedi Sai, An exhibition of the province’s famous food; E.g., Eat yam Or spicy rice salad and traditional serving; E.g., Nora Dance drama Meanwhile, a mapping story will be presented ‘No. Match‘, The Mermaid Mascot is specially designed for the event to honor the Golden Mermaid statue at Samila Beach – Sonkhala’s most photographed tourist attraction. The fair will also sell handicraft products and famous food of Sonakhla and almost the province.

The old town of Songkhla, surrounded by colorful Sino-Portuguese style houses, will also be brightly lit and decorated with a twist to the traditional surroundings of Songkhran, reflecting the city’s former glory as a commercial center of southern Thailand. Key items include Thai-style bird cages and kites, as well as brightly colored party flags that will be used to decorate the city with a combination of Chinese lanterns and color combinations with Nora’s beaded dress. Meanwhile, Ko Yo’s famous hand-knitted fabric will be in the landmark specially made for photography opportunities.

Especially during the three-day holiday, April 13-15, TAT has scheduled music concerts featuring famous Thai bands and singers in both Ayutthaya and Songkhla.

Visitors to the TAT-hosted Songkran 2022 event are encouraged to wear traditional Thai time clothing, Thai attire or polite smart casual attire.

Songkran 2022 festival supported by TAT

‘The ICONIC Songkran Festival 2022’ from April 8-17 at ICONSIAM in Bangkok.

The main festivals will focus on the traditional and cultural aspects of Sokran, including Song name FraAnd Rot name Dam Hua – A ceremony to pay homage to the elders, family-centered activities, kite display, qualification activities and a replica of a Thai temple fair.

‘Water Festival’ by Thai Beverage PLC (Thaibev) in 6 Thai cities

April 13-15, 2022, at 9 historic piers along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok; Namely Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Prayun, Wat Kaleyanamit, Wat Rakang, Maharaj Peer, Long 1919, Succium in Iconium and Asiatic the Riverfront.

April 13-15, 2022, Lanna Ancient House, Charoen Prathet Road, Chiang Mai.

April 13, 2022, at Inthangyos Road, Muang Lamphune.

April 13-14, 2022, at Ban Chiang Archaeological Site, Udon Thani.

April 13-14, 2022, at Wat Chaisi, Mueang Khon Kaen.

April 11-12, 2022, in the old town of Phuket.

‘Name Thip Pai Mai Muang Chiang Mai’ April 12-16, in Chiang Mai

This old-fashioned celebration of creation ‘Name Thip’ Or “Lustral Water” was first introduced by TAT last year using water from three sacred water sources, the Wat Buffarum, Doi Ankhang or Doi Inthanon, and the Ping River, which were part of the 108 sacred water sources received for King Rama’s coronation. X.

This year, the event will be held again on April 12 to mark the 726th anniversary of Chiang Mai, and will use water from three sacred water sources, Wat Fa Lat, Wat Pa Dot, Wat Dap Pai, and six additional sources. Wat frathat doi suthep, wat tharthip chai pradit, and wat ft n.

This is the year of creation ‘Name Thip’ The Wat Frathat Doi is scheduled to be held in Suthep on April 10, and a total of 10,726 bottles of Lustral Water will be delivered at 10 distribution points in Chiang Mai on April 12-16 through advance registration. Visitors are encouraged to visit these temples which boast great lanna architecture.

Fra Pradeng Sankran Festival 2022 from 22-24 April in Samut Prakan

Occurring in Fra Pradeng City Hall, it is one of the most interesting ways to celebrate the Sankran in Thailand. Fra Pradaing is a place where locals traditionally observe Monday ceremonies and their New Year’s traditions are very different from those found in the rest of the country. For a start, the festivities take place a little later, and feature a spectacular flower parade, colorful traditional costumes, a parade of local Mon people, a Miss Sankran parade, and a variety of cultural activities, including a Mr and Miss. Sankran beauty contest. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in talent-building activities at local temples, pay homage to the elders of the community and enjoy folk dramas and cultural performances, as well as enjoy the famous food of Fra Prading.

Culture and tradition to enjoy in Thailand

Go to the temple

Like Christmas in the West and New Year’s in China, Thailand’s transition is when families travel long distances to get together. And on Sankran Day (April 13), Thais visit their local temple to pay homage to the Buddha portrait and wish good luck for the new year.

The main activity is pouring fragrant water over the holy Buddha statue in the temple – a ritual called Song name Fra. It seems that in the past, the lustral water used to clean Buddhist statues was considered to be spiritually cleansing and so was collected and gently poured on family members for good luck – which is called Rot name Dam Hua.

You don’t have to go to the temple to carry this captivating tradition of bathing Buddha statues. Many malls and shops have their own pictures of the Buddha in a bowl of perfumed water, so that people get a chance. Song name Fra Wherever they remember, the water is poured on the body and not on the head of the Buddha. This water is traditionally perfumed with a perfume called perfume Op acceptance.

Build a sand pile

Don’t be surprised to see a large sand castle on the site of the temple around Songcran. These are made as a way to take the world off the shoes of the people who come to pray throughout the year. These Chedi SaiAs they are known they are often decorated with flags, colored pebbles and money, and families or groups of friends work together to create them.

Respect adults

A captivating element of the song, often overlooked by visitors, is the Thai family’s tradition of paying tribute to the elderly. This is usually done on the second day of transition (April 14) and the young prepare roses and jasmine water. Op acceptance They are told to wash their parents’ hands in perfumed water Rot name Dam Hua. In return, the parents bless the children marked with jasmine garlands.

Last but not least, please note that this year the Royal Thai Government has banned water splashing, powder smearing and foam parties in the Sankran location and in public areas. The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages at event venues is also prohibited.

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