Thailand warns of growing cyber threat in Russia-Ukraine conflict

The National Cyber ​​Security Agency (NCSA) has warned of higher cyber risks due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, as it urges agencies and organizations to strengthen their cyber security measures.

NCSA Deputy Secretary-General Gp Capt. Amern Chamchoy said there had been reports of 12 cyber-attacks related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict since January 13, mostly targeting key infrastructure such as banks, border control agencies and news websites.

Four such attacks have been found using malware known as hermetic wipers to delete important information, while DDOS attacks target financial websites.

Members of the general public have also been affected by malware called Cyclops Blink, which contains web links pointing users to websites that spread fake news. People have also been sent text messages containing fake information.

Thai firms and agencies are being asked to provide adequate cyber security systems as well as any vulnerabilities in their networks.

The general public is already being advised to refrain from following any suspicious links and to enable a two-factor authentication system for their online accounts.

Ordinary users should also keep their device’s operating system up to date, install anti-malware, and back up their data regularly.

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Reporter: Nataphone Complexit

Rewriter: Paul Rujopakarn

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