The Industry Conference highlights the need for more female service levers in cyber

Recent research has revealed that female service levers in the UK are less likely to be employed than male service levers, with an upcoming conference from the Officers’ Association discussing ‘Women in Employment’, employment opportunities and challenges for female ex-servicemen. Encourage more companies to be military-friendly employers.

The conference, ‘Developing Civilian Professional Opportunities for Women in the Armed Forces Community’, recognizes the challenges faced by women seniors and offers practical employment advice. It also provides a forum for organizations that recognize the influence of ex-servicemen in the civilian work environment and highlights the benefits of hiring veterans for organizations, HR teams and hiring managers.

As businesses face skills and labor challenges in the growing digital and global economic landscape, it is important that the experience gained over the years is used. These include strong communication and leadership skills, teamwork, social perception, flexibility, creative problem solving, judgment and decision making which are important to UK PLC.

Sponsored by the National Cyber ​​Force, MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, the event draws attention to research published as part of the Defense Committee’s report on ‘Women in the Armed Forces: From Recruitment to Civilian Life’ highlighting the employment gap between women and their men. Adversary, which is intense.

It can take nine months or more for women to find civilian employment after leaving the military, and women are more likely to be economically inactive (20%) than men (9%).

With the involvement of UK security services and corporate sponsors, the event has a strong focus on encouraging women to build careers in STEM issues, including cyber. In the UK, women make up only 8% of cybersecurity professionals, one of the lowest in the world, and the Officers’ Association is working to connect female veterans with potential opportunities.

Women in Employment is a free virtual event sponsored by the National Cyber ​​Force on March 24, 2022 and supported by JP Morgan and is open to all ranks, veterans, conservators, spouses and partners.

Laura Blair, director of employment at the Officers’ Association and a former Army Major, said: “Women, and indeed all ex-servicemen, bring incredible experience, core transferable skills and significant business value – we champion these capabilities at employers to help raise awareness. This is a valuable talent set.

“Our event brings together serving and former military personnel, spouses and employers and highlights an exciting range of job opportunities. It highlights barriers and opportunities for women seniors to gain post-employment employment.

“Women have served in our armed forces for over 100 years and now account for about 11% of the UK regular force and 15% of the reserve. With the government’s current target of 30% recruitment for women by 2030, it is imperative that we address the issue of post-employment employment and enable ex-servicemen to use their military skills and abilities to advance their careers. “

Hannah Smith, BT’s cyber threat intelligence expert and former cyber analyst at the Royal Air Force, said: “When women have equal employment opportunities with men, society and the UK economy benefit. Following my service, the path to employment was not as easy as it used to be, but I was lucky. BT has a strong recruitment program across the armed services community and they have recognized my skill set, qualifications and strengths.

“I really enjoy working in cyber, and I’m sharing my transition experience to highlight the benefits of hiring female veterans and to encourage more women to consider careers in STEM issues, including cyber.

“BT has given me significant support from day one. It’s important that companies not only try to recruit people from different backgrounds, but also support and encourage them to succeed once they’re there. “

Chris Rachia, partner and lead at Deloitte’s Military Transition and Talent Program, said: Companies should not only hire more experienced people, but we should also find out how to maintain what we have because they are very good and ambitious. “

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