The most prestigious EY business award is given to Yerkin Tatishev

YY Yukin Tatishev, CEO of EY Kusto Group, has been named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’.

On the last day of February, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 by Ernst & Young, the founder of the Kusto Group. The professional services firm acknowledges Yarkin Tatishev’s performance in a highly complex economic environment. Also, the judges highlighted his charitable work for those affected by COVD-19.

The award was defined by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Representatives and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan. Nurlan Smagulov, a former Kazakh entrepreneur of the year, was among those who chose Yarkin Tatishev as the winner.

Kusto Group CEO EY will compete for the International Award

The winner of each national program will compete for the prestigious EY World Entrepreneur of the Year award. The annual World Summit is held in June in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

This event highlights how the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs thrive and manage themselves. All of them are recognized for finding new opportunities even in times of unprecedented change.

As the winner, Yerkin Tatishev is now eligible to participate in the EY International event. In it, he will compete with other prominent business personalities for the prize.

In 2019, Mr. Tatishev devoted himself to the service of the local community. Traders say the Kusto Group’s future plans include Wendy’s goal of opening more than 60 branches in Central Asia.

Although these projects are long-term, Yarkin Tatishev promises to create more than 800 jobs and more than 25 other restaurants in Kazakhstan.

Since the founding of the Kusto Group, investing in Kazakhstan and maintaining strong ties with the region, the birthplace of the Kusto founders, has been one of the company’s priorities.

Why Wendy’s? Dedicating most of his life to the service market, Yarkin Tatishev was surprised when the fast-food chain promised to include local products in his diet. Wendy already sources 60% of her ingredients from local suppliers, in contrast to other western restaurant chains that rely heavily on imported products.

“Our goal is to build efficiency and future-proof food security through partnerships with global industry leaders,” Tatishev said.

Kazbeef is the first company to export Angus and Hereford cattle to Kazakhstan. It is dedicated to producing the highest quality beef, adding new techniques and using the country’s rich soil. An important element of a company’s success is its ability to introduce new technologies.

EY Award for assistance to Yarkin Tatishev in Ukrainian hospitals

In the 12 years of the Kusto Group, Mr. Tatishev has hired more than 8,000 employees worldwide. He led the company in establishing the charity Costo Help. An initiative that explores a variety of ways to help vital service providers and provide assistance to families affected by the epidemic.

Since the epidemic began, the Costo Help Foundation has donated millions of dollars worth of medical equipment, food, household items, and electronics. For the spring of 2020, the Foundation has provided hospitals in Ukraine with medical devices such as ventilators, defibrillators and FFP3 respirators.

Later that year, Costo offered more than help 200,000 Price of antibacterial drugs for Kovid-19 patients in Kazakhstan. The grant was made with the assistance of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Ukraine.

Because of the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, the Costo Group led the way in charitable giving during difficult times. Not only the Kovid-19 epidemic, but also the water shortage in Kazakhstan poses a serious threat to the region.

Yarkin Tatishev has solved environmental and social problems in Kazakhstan

According to UN officials, there is a severe water crisis in Kazakhstan. The international organization has established that the country is highly dependent on its neighbors, including Central Asia and China.

Yerkin Tatishev has taken the initiative to respond to these environmental and social problems. On behalf of the Kusto Group, he has engaged himself with the Kazakh government and Valmont Industries in the United States to find a solution.

Together they plan to open a manufacturing plant in Kazakhstan to produce 1,000 pivot irrigation devices a year.

Through this partnership, agencies and governments bring innovative irrigation systems to farms. Also, in this project, they teach local farmers how to handle these ingredients.

Education on water management is very important for small farmers in the region for the agricultural sector in Kazakhstan. For this, the state installs infrastructure in the fields and pays the installation costs for the farmers.

Yarkin Tatishev’s participation in the Kusto Group’s activities played a key role in the judges’ decision. They have been recognized as exemplary Kazakh entrepreneurs through innovation and charitable pursuits.

The YY Entrepreneur of the Year Award is one of the most prestigious business awards in the region. This recognition marks the career of Mr. Tatishev and the future of the Kusto Group before and after, as a world-renowned brand recognizes his hard work.

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