The SET 694 listed company initially qualified for the SET Award 2022

SET Announces 694 Listed Companies Qualified Initially Qualified – The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Together with Money & Banking Magazine 694 Listed Companies Declared Eligible For SET Awards 2022 In Preliminary Round, Winner Announcement And Prize Presentation Will be November 2022.

This year’s SET Awards will feature a series of new group awards for the Best REIT Performance Award, the ESG-related award under the Best Asset Management Awards category, and the Sustainability Excellence category.

SET President Parker Pithwatch said the SET Awards have been held for 19 consecutive years to honor distinguished companies with excellence in both the role model business activities and quality of the capital market; Support potential development of the Thai capital market; Drive sustainable growth and provide benefits for all sectors.

This is consistent with the SET’s vision of ‘To Make the Capital Market Work for Everyone’. “Notably, more prestigious awards will be added this year in the Business Excellence category for the development of real estate investment trusts (REITs), named the Best REIT Performance Award, an important tool for raising Thai business funds, and the ESG-related aspects of environmental, social and ESG) Best Asset Management Awards type will be included for asset management firms that prioritize responsible investment considering the practices.

At the same time, the ‘good’ level of acclaimed sustainability awards will be added to the Sustainability Excellence category, on top of the Best Sustainable Rewards and Highly Appreciated Sustainable Rewards for each of the increasingly listed companies conducting sustainable evaluations. Years and they are committed to upgrading their sustainable development implementation, ”added Pakern. Money and Banking Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Santi Viriarungsarit, a co-founder, co-organizer and respected judge, said the SET Award presentation was consistently recognized and well received.

Recognizing the importance of sustainable development as a global priority, in 2022 a working committee of top professionals adjusted the award criteria to take into account ESG issues. For example, ESG scores will be used as part of the Best Investor Relationship Award selection when adding ESG-related rewards for asset management companies.

SET awards can be divided into 2 categories: 1) Listed companies, securities companies, asset management companies, financial advisory companies and REITs will be presented to the Business Excellence category; And 2) Sustainability Excellence category will be presented to listed companies who are outstanding in conducting business in accordance with the Sustainable Development Policy.

The evaluation results of both the award sections will be processed by Sasin School of Management, Chulalankorn University. In addition, listed companies or individuals who have maintained their excellence in the category of Business Excellence or Sustainability Excellence recognized for three consecutive years or more will be awarded SET Awards of Honor which mark the Crest of Success. For more information on listed companies that have passed the SET Awards 2022 Criteria and Preliminary Qualification Screening, please visit

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