Tourism rebound could generate 3 trillion baht in two years for Thailand

The Ministry of Tourism recently detailed the performance of Thailand’s tourism sector during the epidemic, noting that its subsequent epidemic rebound could generate 3 trillion baht in two years.

The remarks were made as part of the government’s interpretation of the budget debate in parliament, when opponents blamed the proposed 2023 budget for inequality.

Tourism and Sports Minister Fifat Rachakitprakorn said the number of international tourists visiting Thailand before the epidemic was 39.8 million, contributing about 3 trillion baht to 18% of national GDP.

In 2021, Thailand recorded only 430,000 international visitors. This number has risen to 1.31 million from the beginning of this year to May, marking a positive start for 2022.

The tourism target for 2022 has been set at 7-10 million

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports now expects the number of international tourists to be around 2.7-3 million from June to September this year and more than 1 million between October and December 2022. The ministry has set a total international tourism target for this year for a population of 7-10 million and expects the nation to recover 1.15-1.5 trillion baht.

The ministry estimates that tourism revenue will reach 2.4 trillion baht next year and the pre-epidemic by 2024 will be 3 trillion baht.

The tourism minister said health and medical tourism remained a strong selling point, especially after the Prime Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia, which attracted more medical tourists from the Middle East.

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  • Reporter: Nataphone Complexit
  • Rewriter: Paul Rujopakorn
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